Branding & Marketing Free Advice Series Part 6


Though virtual communication groups have been around for a while, it’s not until the last decade or so that they have become generally accepted among all but the largest client organizations.

For the companies that use them, virtual groups have a number of advantages over their bricks and mortar counterparts:

1.     Virtual groups are almost always comprised of senior level personnel, whereas traditional groups tend to have a mix of experienced and not-so-experienced personnel. This translates into easier to manage relationships and higher levels of client satisfaction.

2.     Virtual groups have no ‘offline’ or support people or heavy real estate costs to cover in their pricing.

3.     Virtual groups make personnel available to clients on an as-needed basis, which further contributes to lower costs.

4.     Virtual groups tend to deal with individuals or small, specialized suppliers for services, as opposed to larger supplier services companies, making their outsourced costs lower.

5.     Virtual groups generally work on a project basis, which means they are much more strongly motivated to complete a project quickly and efficiently.

In terms of communications suppliers, there really are two different worlds.

While larger agencies and designcos certainly have their client base among the large structured organizations, virtual groups serve a valuable purpose, because larger communications companies could actually lose money attempting to service many types of smaller clients.

In Canada, with its substantial number of small to medium-sized businesses, the virtual communications group is definitely the right choice for those companies with smaller budgets and a more cost-conscious mindset.

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