The Top 10 List Of Elements Most Often Lacking In A Company’s Marketing Materials.

Next to your actual sales force and your own undeniable powers of persuasiveness, web sites, corporate brochures and identity kits should be among your hardest working marketing tools.

In order to make sure you’re maximizing the power of these tools, I have put together a checklist of attributes which no self-respecting corporate identity package should be without.

1. Synergy With Your Company’s Overall Image.
This synergy is the key to building awareness of your company as a brand. Everything should look like everything else, because that’s what makes you look professional.

. A Strong Selling Proposition.
Without it you might as well just write your communications materials in Latin.

3. An Appealing Look & Positive Feel…
that’s both ‘in character’ and inviting to read. People read things that look appealing and interesting. Anything else, they tend to ignore.

4. Consistent Narrative Logic Flow From Top To Bottom.
Bad grammar is running rampant in communications these days. Bad grammar can make you look like a not-so-bright, and therefore not-so-trustworthy company.

. Obvious Corporate Identification.
It’s all the rage in the design world to play down logos. But that’s how most readers end up missing them.

6. First Person Focus
If you’re always talking ‘to’ your prospects as opposed to ‘at’ them, chances are they’ll be paying greater attention to what you have to say. Never talk about your company in the third person. If you do, people will think you’re weird.

7. Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity…
in the use of supporting language and graphics. Remember, you know more about your business than anyone you are talking to. Showing respect for what they don’t know will always be rewarded.

8. A Definite Selling Attitude Throughout.
If your communication isn’t selling your company, it’s unselling your company.

9. Testimonial & Case Study Support
Your satisfied customers are, bar none, your best salepersons. Anything that quantifies results is going to be more meaningful to your readers than abstract notions or platitudes. You’ll be surprised how powerful these underused selling techniques can be.

10. Concrete Reasons Why The Prospect Should Be Doing Business With You.
Too many companies fill their communications with reasons why they are so great, but they seldom turn it around and give their prospects a real sense of what’s in it for them.

If you find your marketing materials to be lacking in any of these areas, contact me ASAP. I can help you rectify that situation quickly and cost effectively.

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