Peel Scrap Metal Recycling –The Art Of Blogging Done Right

PEEL LOGO RGB MASTERClose to four years ago now, I began working with a company called Peel Scrap Metal Recycling. I created a corporate identity, wrote and designed their web site, collateral material, signage and all their advertising and promotional material as well. After this was well under way, the issue of blogging came up.

We had a long discussion about it. What we agreed on is something that separates Peel from a lot of other companies out there. I told them I would be happy to help them put their blogs together, ie, write the headlines and subheads, edit and proof the content, find the visuals, do the layout, index the entries and create the tags. But what I would not do for them, was a) decide what they should write about and b) write the first draft.

The Case For Do It Yourself Blogging.

I have always believed that a company’s blog reflects the character of the company in a way that is different from their web content, advertising and promotion. And while I could have done a pretty good job of actually writing the blogs, my client relished the challenge of learning how to do this and really talk, in their own voice, to the issues they felt were important their client base and to the industry as a whole. He knew it would take a block of time out of his very busy week, but made the time, and continues to do so.

This is part of the responsibility that a marketer has to their clients. A lot of companies in the industrial sector hire blog writers who make proposals for content on a monthly or quarterly basis, without much regard to what’s actually going on in the industry.  Other companies just go on the web and hire a blog provider to supply them with a number of blogs that probably don’t ever get read by anything but search engine crawlers. But a few companies, like Peel, do it the hard way, by creating original content that is completely relevant and important to their industry and their audience.

My Client Impressed The Hell Out Of Me.7770709 copy

To the credit of my clients, they really stepped up to the plate and hit it hard. In the beginning the drafts I received were a little shaky and needed a fair bit of editing, but very quickly as time went by, Jeff Shafer, one of the owners and the company’s blogmaster, really got into a nice groove. Lately, in fact, he has gotten so good at it that he’s actually blown me away a few times with his insights, and what he has chosen to write about.

A while ago, on one of the Linked In Groups I belong to, (Sticky Branding), someone asked if there was any sort of formula for writing successful blogs. My immediate answer was that there really wasn’t. But after having thought about it for a while, I would amend that answer by directing that person to the Peel Scrap Metal Recycling blog. Because that blog is a really outstanding example of blogging done right.

A Marketing Program That Fires On All Cylinders.

Overall, Peel’s blog and the marketing program that is in place has been very successful. After two years, they were able to open a second warehouse in Oakville, create a couple of feeder sites for some of the most common metals they recycle, launch a substantial SEO program, develop some social media tentacles and maintain a very strong market presence both on the search engines and in their offline marketing as well. And of course, the blogs just keep getting better.

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