Branding & Communications – Investment or Expense?

19163463 copy 3In the communications business, the difference between the clients you want to work for and all the rest, lies to a great extent in their attitude towards the cost of your services. And this relates directly to their broader perception of what it is you do for them. If they think of the strategic development, branding and creative services you provide as some sort of commodity, they will always be complaining and beating you up around price.

This is an attitude that derives from a combination of ignorance of the process and simply not being able to view these services as anything genuinely tangible. You find this attitude to be most common among certain types of entrepreneurs, who tend to believe at the end of the day that communications, corporate identity and any sort of ‘low return’ targeted marketing programs are nothing more than poor cousins to the ‘super salesmanship’ that has got them to this point already and will most likely carry them on to greater heights in the future. These people are slightly delusional.

Another type of client who tends to denigrate and lack belief in the power of branding and communications is the ‘inventor’. These are people who have come up with something they believe is so great that, with very little effort, the world will simply beat a path to their door and they had better be prepared with a well designed supply chain system. These people are even more delusional than the ‘supersalesmen.’

The Big Squeeze

Sadly, the world we live in has no shortage of these and other types of clients who simply don’t understand what communications can do for them, or believe that only the bare minimum will do. Fortunately we do not encounter too many of these people. But we do encounter a few. And because it is in our nature to try to lock down anything that comes through the door, we often (maybe too often), tend to simply make these people an offer they can’t refuse, just to get the business.

This is the point of epic fail that ripples like a small tsunami through the communications industry. Every time somebody makes a substantial compromise on price just to appease a client, three things happen.

1. That client now thinks that he can get everything in the way of communication services cheaper…

2. Which, in turn, and depending on the number of times it happens in any given area of branding and marketing, is another small but significant lowering of the perceived value of that service or set of services…

3. Which in turn, not only affects your profitability, but the profitability of everyone you subcontract services too. Because if you are being squeezed, you have to squeeze them.

An Educated Client Is Your Best Customerj0284915 copy

One way to help avoid the epic fail outlined above is simply by educating your client. And here are some ways to do that:

  1. Don’t Be An Order Taker: Use your case histories and testimonials to show them the value in what it is you do.
  2. No Us & Them: Let your client know right from the start that you consider him to be a partner in the process, that there is no us and them. If they have an intellectual investment in their own branding efforts, they will be more likely to appreciate yours.
  3. Never Send A Quote: Bring the costs to your client and explain to them how everything is going to come together. Help them visualize what you are going to do for them.
  4. Be aware that each of these steps will not go unnoticed or unappreciated, because in addition to being logical, they also help bond you to your clients, creating a real sense that they are not in this alone.

Some clients may be ignorant or arrogant about certain aspects of communication. Some clients may be looking for the best financial deal they can find to make their budgets go farther. And still others may be convinced that their product is simply good enough to sell itself. But one thing they all have in common is that, despite their flaws, they are not stupid. And hopefully they are ‘coachable’.

But at the end of the day, it’s up to us to help these clients understand just what it is we can do for them, and persuade them that we can do good things for them.  But most importantly we need to convince them that marketing, branding and creative development is not an expense, but a blue chip investment with a very high potential ROI.

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