This Commercial Will Never Get Old


This is a repost from another blog I used write. It’s a couple of years old but is still relevant today.

One of the things you learn after many years in advertising is that the great ideas only come along once or twice in a blue moon.

I’m not talking about spectacular commercials, because they tend, more often than not, to be a product of spectacular budgets not spectacular thinking. No, the great ideas don’t have all that much to do with how much money you throw at them. God knows Apple could afford to hire Ridley Scott to direct every one of their commercials, but they choose to make their product the hero, literally and metaphorically and make relatively low budget commercials that have spectacular impact.

Where you do tend to see a lot of really smart and emotion-eliciting thinking is in certain areas of the public service sector. Here the job is much harder than selling products–it’s all about changing attitudes. And we all know how stubborn and set in their ways most human beings can be.

This commercial, which has a bit of a story to it, came to me via a dear friend Cath Paget who lives out on the Left Coast in Victoria BC. From the look of the email, this commercial has already been widely circulated by the Human Network, and has had more than 6 million viewings on UTube. (It has more than quadruped  since then)

Here’s the link and the story. If this commercial doesn’t move you, then you are one sorry ass humanoid.

This is the “wear your seatbelt” that the Brits have been using for a while now- started by some dude who came up with this idea, not because he was hired to do it, but because the subject was important to him personally. It has been recognized around world and the video has long since gone viral. “viral” thanks to the power of YouTube and the Internet.

A lot of people think that TV advertising is really nothing more than a constant interruption to  their viewing. But commercials like this really do make you stop and think. Wouldn’t it be nice if all TV commercials could make you feel something more than irritation?

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