The Friday Nite Sermon – Personal Agendas In Social Media

19163463 copy 3This column is part of my content management program. I originated it on Facebook about 6 weeks ago and like most content streams that writers write it has grown to blog size.

Personal Agendas Are Like Noses…Everybody Has At Least One.

If you hang out in social media sites long enough, you start to see patterns emerge. Sometimes they are patently obvious ones. Other times, they are more subtle. But the one thing that they have in common, is that they are either, consciously or subconsciously, promoting a personal agenda or two.

I have a very interesting collection of Facebook friends and each one of them has personal agendas woven into their posts. Now I’m not saying there’s anything sinister about that, like they’re trying to recruit you to scientology or something. But they are trying to let you know that they are there. And that’s not a bad thing…in fact it’s probably the most positive thing about social media – that people are trying to reach out and send a message to a bunch of other people that they may or may not actually know. They are trying to tell people, either directly or indirectly, how they feel about things.

Since I am a professional creative person, I have a lot of friends who are creative persons as well. Ad people like me, photographers like Terry Bell and Michael Kohn, writers and poets like David Van Fleet, Cam Levack, my daughter, Star and Robert Priest, marketing and business people like Barbara Munshaw, Angela Sutcliffe and Jim Danahy. Designers like Bill Tibbles and Jackie Spicer. Musicians like Dave & Greg Fitzpatrick, Gerry Mosby, Tim Thorney and Ivan Boudreau. And film makers like George Willis and Frank Caruso. But I also have a lot of other friends who don’t necessarily fall into the creative category, and even more friends who actually defy description or categorization altogether.

Different Folks, Different Strokes

But the common ground is that everybody is pushing a personal agenda. Could be something as simple as love of coffee…which I am sipping right now. Or some sort of alcoholic beverage. Could be something as complex as geopolitics or the decline and fall of the American Republic or what a bozo Rob Ford is. Could be health and well being. Could be motherhood. Could be the Toronto Maple Leafs. Or it could just be simple reflections on life as we know it. I embrace all these agendas because they’re basically positive in nature and embracing them, gleaning information and insight from them, will help make a better person. Or at least that’s the theory.

On the other side of the coin, you have the sickos and the idiots, the hustlers, the bimbos, the multi-level marketers and the extremists. But you know what? In spite of the fact that all we seem to hear about through conventional media is how big a shithole the world has become…the good in our human race still outweighs the evil. And most people are happy to hip others they have come to know, and in a way, love, to any of the evil crap they come across.

 My Own Personal Agenda(s)

My personal agenda is threefold.

One is to talk about entertainment and art, because though I might just be an ad guy, I am also a TV critic, screenwriter, lyricist and ersatz photographer, and love to see what’s new and awesome in the creative world and pass creative ideas around to anybody who is interested in seeing them.

Two, is my fascination with idiots. This society we live in is so generous that idiots somehow manage to thrive in it like cockroaches. Some even rise to positions of power, although they generally screw that up, as we are seeing right now in various part of the world. I’m endlessly curious about how that happens. Fortunately I live in a very nice part of Toronto that, ironically, has a rich vein of idiots on display. You kind of have to look for them, but they are there. And damned if I don’t run across more than my share.

My third and most important agenda is my family. My wife, the artisan and mother, my son the baker, my DIL, the massage therapist, my daughter the writer, my SIL the film editor, my sister the librarian and Yankees fan, my BIL the painter, and my brother, the street level entrepreneur and my SIL, the golfer and manager of my brother.

My grandson, Rowan, also known as The Young Prince of Scarborough. As personal agenda items go, his ranking is extremely high.

I have a grandson now too, no doubt you have seen his pics, and I get to spend a whole day with him every week. I get to watch him grow in measured doses and this I find fascinating. Last week I taught him how to use the word ‘ouch’ in a satirical way. So now I can gently poke him anywhere on his body and get a monotone ‘Ouch” out of him, which we both find terribly amusing. He also knows a little Italian.

In Conclusion

So the moral of this sermon is that, by and large, the personal agendas that everyone comes equipped with are good things, (unless they are pushing hatred in any form). Your personal agendas are the keys to being understood in the world, whether it’s on the business side or the personal side of your life.  And heaven knows we can never get enough understanding. So stay true to those personal agendas, my children, and embrace them in others you encounter. You will be richer for the doing that. Amen.

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