Small Business Communications For The Real World.

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If you are going to write a book about anything you’d better have a good reason or two for doing so. I’ve been helping entrepreneurial small business clients for more than two decades and I’ve met a lot of people, whom I consider to be bright, driven, and very savvy about their businesses. But as I started to work with them, I found myself answering what I thought were pretty basic questions about why I was doing what I was doing for them. Over time, I came to realize that just as there was a substantial learning curve for me to go through in order to understand the various businesses of my clients, so too was there a learning curve for them to go through to understand me and what I was capable of doing for them, either directly as a strategist and creative person or through my supplier network. Usually this took place in meetings where I was presenting strategic or creative work to them and in casual conversations over a beer or a coffee. My mainly entrepreneurial clients saw the connection between communications and business growth, but had very little idea exactly how I was pulling it off. They were curious about the nature of strategy, and the genesis of ideas.

Almost Every Small Business Starts Out With a Big Idea.

Most people who start their own businesses fall into two categories. The inventor and the salesperson. Usually small businesses are comprised of both types, often in the same body. To them, once the product or service is as real thing…it’s all about sales. And although communications is about sales as well, it’s also about other things, like company identity, positioning in the marketplace, brand character etc. These are things that salespeople seldom think about, simply because they are too busy sourcing leads and making sales calls. Or as they like to call it, getting business. So what you usually see is a company that’s has a great idea for a product or service but has little in the way of things like a branded identity, a communications strategy, information pieces, even decent business cards. They may have a web site because somebody told them that was an essential, but since they don’t really operate from any sort of strategy other than their original business plan, their web site is probably not very effective. The reason for this is that to a company driven by sales, communications strategies and tools are very much secondary to them, until such a time as they are able to hire other sales people and manage them. This finally gets them into a position of thinking more about their company’s image, going forward strategies and yep, communications.

(Click on this link to download a PDF copy of Small Business Communications For The Real World)

Basic Questions Require Simple Answers What I realized from all these conversations over the years is that one key thing these people could benefit from, whether they were just starting their business or looking to go from level one to level two, was a very basic overview of communications: why their company would need a communications strategy and what kind of expertise they would need to make sure there was a good return on the investment they would have to make in order to build a proper branded identity and communications program. So I looked around and, much to my delight, I didn’t see very much at all that addressed this particular need in the small business community. Most e-books about communication are written by strategists of one kind or another. Most of them are targeted to vertical niches. And that’s understandable. When it comes to communications, it’s very difficult to generalize. So I looked ahead and wrote my little e-book which is called, Small Business Communications For The Real World.

(Click on this link to download a PDF copy of Small Business Communications For The Real World)

I will be selling it on Amazon and other business information retail sites, but mostly I will be giving it away free to anyone who wants it. The idea behind that is that once people have read what I have to say about business communications, they will be lined up around the block to have me manage theirs. LOL. Not really, but it’s not unrealistic to assume that I will find a couple of new clients here and there.

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(Click on this link to download a PDF copy of Small Business Communications For The Real World)


16 thoughts on “Small Business Communications For The Real World.

  1. Really amazing information for a fantastic and honorable ‘Share’ from you, and from my perspective, you resonate as a true human being ~ a rarity these days. Thank you for this Communication. I know that I need it for myself, but I also have others that need this read. BTW I Love LOVE your play on words with “ONWORDS and UPWORDS” ….brutally divine! Off to Share and Share & Buzz because I was told by another buZy Bee that you really make people as Happy as Can Beee! ~mags

    1. Thanks mags…I’m just tryin’ to share useful stuff for the most part, and the odd opinion. Bebee, so far has been fantastic.

  2. Jim Murray, Read your new e-book on Communication. Why only for small business? Even all businesses are quite primitive in understanding the present demand for communication in digital environment and more in this multi lingual global community. Every business must understand importance of communication. The expertise in this field is typically ‘marketing’ and most business individual thinks that if your customer base is fixed and steady, then these communication efforts are redundant.
    What I really liked in your book is if the chemistry matches with the new employees, then trust, faith and loyalty is assured. Then use them as brand ambassador to make proper communication for projecting the brand.
    Use of our senses completely in communication of a brand both visual, audible, mobile using digital media is already getting developed continuously. Multi-lingual is the new demand. We only know service and good as industry types. Your book is marketing communication knowledge as industry.
    Thanks and regards

    1. Thanks very much for your comment Asesh. The reason that this is aimed at small business is that I have worked in the corporate sector for a number of years, and while your assessment is correct, it then becomes a matter of personal preference for me. I believe that the impact myself and other management level communications people can make is much greater in a smaller business sectors than it would be in larger more complex entities. The levels of joy, satisfaction and appreciation are greater as well. In Canada, small business in the backbone of the economy. The more they succeed the better it is for all of us here. Cheers, Jim

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