My Biggest Fear Is Becoming A Business Guru.

O&U EBOOK CoverAbout a year ago my friend and associate Terry Lewis suggested that because I know a lot about marketing and communications that I should consider putting some of it down in the form of an e-book.

Well I have always been a doer, so I started to think about it and talk about it with some of the people I respected most in my business. The result of this thinking and talking manifested itself in an e-book entitled Small Business Communications For The Real World. It’s not one of those example laden, full of biz speak books that you see everywhere, because I didn’t want to confuse anyone. In fact it’s a very basic primer that small business owners can read and understand what they need to do in the communications area of their business because it’s written in clear, concise and easy to understand language.

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Understanding Is The Key.

The majority of small businesses have a lot of trouble getting past their first year. The failure rate is in the 70 to 80% range. One of the key reasons for this is that they simply do not start with enough of a communications budget to really get themselves:  a) properly positioned, b) adequately branded and c) into effective contact with their target audiences.

Knowledge, as they say is power. And this small book was intended to impart some of basic knowledge, which, for any many reasons, a number of small business owners do not possess.

A Book Is More Than What It Appears To Be.

As I started to figure out ways to promote the book, I ran into Christmas, which for me is always a kind of enforced two week vacation in which I tend to do very little. But this Christmas was a different one in that I actually found myself thinking a lot about why I wrote this book in the first place.

There’s a responsibility that comes with writing any book, no matter how fundamental it is. With a business book, like this, which was basically a promotional tool for the strategic and creative services I provide, it occurred to me that sooner or later, some of the people who read this book, will seek me out and want me to help them with their own particular situation.

So The Question Is: What Does That Make Me?

I have a couple of friends who have written elaborate books on different aspects of marketing for the purposes of becoming a “Business Guru”, booking speaking engagements, setting up networking groups of their own and of course, franchising their expertise by selling their methods to people in other markets. This, for me, is a scary thought.

32150495 copyI don’t really want to do any of that stuff, because, at the end of the day, I only want to do the work that’s required to help businesses grow. But the book has allowed me to take a step back from execution of that work and show businesses the importance of developing a solid strategic focus, identifying their target groups and the Unique Selling Proposition that will be the key to reaching their target groups effectively.

Does This Make Me A Creative “Suit”?

Well, in a way I guess it does. But, if you ignore the nomenclature, what it really does is help me help the people I am working for more effectively. Because it allows me to start at the very beginning of the process of communications development and stay with it from strategic development, to concept development, to execution, to production, to follow-through.

More importantly, it also means that the client will be getting consistent, expert advice at every stage of the communications process. Their business will be pointed in the right direction. Their branding will reflect that direction. Their target audiences will be correctly identified. And their messages, in whatever media are required, will resonate with these target audiences.

26325932.thl copyAffordability Is The Key

In the dream world, where money grows on trees, the last paragraph could describe a typical agency/client relationship.

In the real world however, which is where most SMEs live, this is usually considered nothing more than a dream. So the economies of scale of having an individual who can manage the entire process with minimal additional assistance (ie web site development, film production and post etc), are considerable and can often be the difference between affordable communications and not so affordable. After that, it’s pretty much a common sense decision.

As far as being a guru is concerned the simple fact remains…one little book does not a guru make. And that’s a relief.

Helping small to medium sized businesses grow through effective strategic focus and creative communications development is what I know, and what I do. If you would like to download a free copy of my ebook, Small Business Communications For The Real World, simply click on this link.

 If you would like to talk to me about your particular situation, feel free to contact me at any time.

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