My New Insight Into Rob Ford Thanks To Jimmy Kimmel

I  have to admit that watching Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel changed my opinion of Rob Ford. Or let’s say it added a dimension. What you saw, if you bothered to watch it, was a man so pathetically delusional that he actually believed that going on a national US talk show, representing Toronto, would be a positive thing for this city.

This is a man who is in a complete and utter state of denial, as evidenced by the far away look that Kimmel got when he flat out implored Ford to get help with his drinking and drugs. When that happened, it felt like the entire lengthy dismantling of Ford through three segments of his show was some sort of one-man intervention by Kimmel. I thought that this was a very generous act of kindness on Kimmel’s part. But moreover, it really underscored something we maybe all believe but don’t often vocalize and that is that Rob Ford is more than just a political buffoon, he is an addict. Admitting this publicly would be grounds for the council to completely unseat him. But the fact of the matter is that he needs help. He needs to get out of the spotlight and into rehab. I don’t think that, at his core, he is a bad person. I certainly believe that his mission to clean up the city is an admirable one, and from the sounds of his utterances on the Kimmel show, maybe the only thing that’s keeping him from sliding right off the edge. I have been a harsh critic of him over the past couple years. But seeing him stripped down and slapped around the way Kimmel did it, really showed just what a sad creature he has become.

The moral of this sermon is that Rob Ford really needs help, but until he admits that to himself, it will never happen. I hate to think of having to watch him bumble around like a bull in a china shop for another year, when it would be so easy for him to back off and concentrate on his own preservation.

But addicts, and there are all kinds of them out there, seldom act in their own best interest. It takes a lot of guts to do that, and I’m not sure that Rob Ford really has the strength of character to pull this off.  But I would like nothing more than for him to surprise me, and surprise us all by actually doing it.


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