Stuff That Made Me Famous For 15 Minutes: Mastromonaco Photography

Back in the day, before content management, email marketing and even web sites, we had this stuff called direct marketing. And for  talented and gutsy entrepreneurs like photographer John Mastromonaco, we used this medium to create and build one of the biggest photographer success stories in Canadian advertising industry. It was also, for myself and visionary strategist Denis Kane, the beginning of something called database marketing, which Denis pioneered in this area and we used to excellent effect on a number of campaigns for ad agency and design company creative suppliers.

What we did back then was provide great strategically focused creative with targeted marketing, followed up by sales calls and eventually great work for our clients to do. They got rich. We got great war stories and case studies. And the clients got amazing work, won awards, got promoted, made more money etc. It was just one big business bonanza for all concerned.

This is the kind of history and sensibility I continue to bring to my work for small medium sized businesses. Why? Because I love being part of business growth. Always have. Always will.



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I create and implement strategically focused
branding, advertising & promotion for companies
who appreciate solid creative thinking and value reasonable rates.

 Jim Murray, Creative Director
Direct Line: 416 463-3475
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