Stuff That Made Me Famous For 15 Minutes Part 1 – Blink Network

I have never really done freelance work for any of the big agencies. They tended to only want stuff to paper their walls in presentation, always bitched about your fees, needed everything yesterday and usually took 90 days to pay you. As you can imagine there’s really no upside to that.

Bond Creative Communications, however, was one agency I loved working for. It was a boutique agency in Grimsby that was owned an operated by Herb Bond and had some really nice pieces of business. Herb was a real creative director in that he would always try to get the best people he could find and let them do their thing. He was a great motivator. In fact, he’s moved into into the coaching business these days. He also really liked the fact that I could lay out everything I came up with and compensated me accordingly. I worked with Bond for a couple of years, really had a terrific time and was able to help some very good businesses with him. He is a great guy and whenever we are within a couple of miles of each other, we grab a coffee.

Oakville Hydro was one of Bond’s accounts. They had set up and were moving into the Internet business at that time, which included VOIP, which this campaign was designed to support.


I create and implement strategically focused
branding, advertising & promotion for companies
who appreciate solid creative thinking and value reasonable rates.

 Jim Murray, Creative Director
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