Some Opinions On The Simple Definition Of Branding From A Bunch of People Who Should know

j0315598Has the word ‘brand’ become dreadfully overused in today’s business world? What is your simplest definition of a brand.

This is a question I posed, a couple of weeks ago, on my favourite LinkedIn Group, Sticky Branding. I was impressed with a couple things about these responses.

First, that they were all very simple as requested. As you know branding people could go on for days about what really constitutes or defines a brand. So that was cool. The second thing was that there was a common thread running though a great many of these responses, and that wound itself, either loosely or tightly around the concept of brand character.

Almost everyone agreed with the premise that the ‘brand’ concept has been dreadfully overused. So that’s a given. A few people turned my question back on me, asking me what my defnition of a brand was…you can see that at the end. It probably won’t be any kind of shocker since we are dealing in a finite universe here.

There was a bit of debate here and there, but generally speaking people tended to agree way more than disagree.

My hope in posting this summary is that it will make its way to clients who, upon reading it, discover that they have not adequately or completely defined their own brand, and will start thinking about that. Especially the smaller businesses, who in today’s carnivorous corporate environment, need a strong brand identity more than ever.

Your Simple Definition Of A Brand (From My Friends @ Sticky Branding)

Ranjit Kaul

As someone also said, a brand is the most valuable piece of space in the consumers mind.

Gary Kullberg

A brand is an on-going promise to consistently deliver a perceived value to its constituents.

Chris Kelly

It’s a set of perceptions, relationship and stories, that support a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

Fernanda Mano

Brand is the most valuable asset a company can have. It’s the symbol that comprises the promise you make to the market and the outcome of the service you provide.

Ted Manasa

A brand is a belief that differentiates you from your competitors and that your customers find important. This definition encompasses everything that matters for a brand: company, competitors, customers.  

John Runk
Before the word was popularized, a brand was essentially the perception of a company within the consumer’s mind. Pretty straightforward.

Deborah Holland

My favourite definition is “your brand is what your customers believe about you.” We know we’ve got it right when they believe what we hope they believe.

Lillian Moya

Simply stated… your “brand” is your definition. It is what defines and describes you, or the “brand”, as a whole. A brand is what a company breathes, eats, keeps, and lives. It’s a business personified…or “brandified”.

John Carscadden

A particular product, service, or entity that evokes a specific feeling or thought among consumers and is readily identified via its unique name or image (a logo).

Bennet Bayer

An emotional context to the perception of what the organization does.

Tim Masters
It is true that the word ‘Brand’ is being over-used and, very much like the word ‘Design’ very often in entirely the wrong context. I’m beginning to wonder if the word could be easily replaced with ‘Reputation’.

Preety Khatri

To me the simplest definition of brand is the connect customers develop with any product/service.

Simona Dorobat

I believe “brand” equals “personality”.

Nuntxi López Unanua

Brand is the character of a company or product.

John LaCarter

The by product of every interaction all people have with a company.

Ruth Reed

A brand in short is a story told very well to the point it’s believable and credible and influences action.

Adrian Woodliffew

A brand is the sum of all experiences.

Michael Schneider

It’s the first impression that comes to mind when you hear a company’s name. It could be an emotion, image, belief, culture, etc. It’s a perception.

Jeremy Miller (He gets more space because it’s his group, LOL)

I view “brand” as a two-sided coin:
– On one side is the external perception of your business/products/services. It’s what the market says you are. – On the other side is the internal perception of your business/products/services (whatever area you are focusing on to enhance its value, awareness and relationship). This is shaped by your company’s vision, values and purpose. It’s what you aspire to be. Brands become strong when both sides of the coin mirror each other. Your customers experience what you are aspiring to be, and you’re both on the same page.

Tim Otis

A brand is the consumers’ perception of an organization based on experience with any touchpoint – whether internally (people, operations) or externally (products brought to market, advertisements, etc)

Renee Hunt

A “brand” is what your stakeholders perceive about your company (or product) based on their total experience with your company (or product). And that experience is created with every interaction, every message, every visual.

My Simple Definition Of A Brand

 To me, a brand is the guiding spirit of a company. It’s an assurance that the product or service that a company offers will perform as advertised, and that its people will make sure that happens.

 Gracias Amigos

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to this query. There is a lot of good insight here. I certainly learned a bit, and hopefully you will too.

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