Stuff That Made Me Famous for 15 Minutes

19079575 copy 2Interior Dimensions came to me as a referral from a company called PPL that was owned by a guy named Howard Pearl. Howard was one of the smartest, coolest marketing guys I had ever met. He was a genius at managing people and getting great work out of them. He was really smart and edgy, and it is one of my biggest regrets that several years ago I last track of him. He referred to me Interior Dimensions after having given them a marketing budget that they could not afford. That’s how it goes sometimes, overheads being what they are. But Howard really liked the owner Robert Horwitz and sent me to him, telling me to build their business to the point where they can afford PPL. I said, sure, no sweat, Howard. No pressure there.

This was the beginning of a three year branding project, that turned out to be one of the most successful I had ever been involved with. Interior Dimensions is a great construction management company with a solid philosophy and excellent management team. When I was done my part in this process, I spent a month converting all my file for use on PC, then hiring and training an in-house studio person to take over, basically adapting the huge mass of core materials we created for specific client presentations.. I have done a number of projects like this over the years, and believe me…work like this is the essence of why I got into branding and communications in the first place and what keeps me going strong, through what is now my 25th year in business on my own.

PS: By the time this project was complete, Howard had sold PPL and moved on to greener pastures.


I create and implement strategically focused branding,
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