The DMB&B Reunion 2014 – Wasn’t That A Party!

Twenty five years ago I left DMB&B and went on my own. And thanks to everything I learned there, I have never looked back. The reunion was actually Cindy Smith’s idea and she did most of the heavy lifting to put it together, along with Rupert Brendon, who was DMB&B’s fearless leader when I worked there from 1981-1889.

This was a great evening. I chatted myself hoarse, as I’m sure everybody did. I love all these people, as we all loved each other. And that’s what made DMB&B such a special place to work.

Today I got an email from Bill Hogg, who was a good bud, back in those days. What he said pretty much sums it up for everybody.

“Cindy, I wanted to extend my personal thanks for the effort you put into making last night a reality — my thanks also to Jim and Rupert for their support.

I have never been to a reunion — I’ve just never been interested in seeing people who I have not kept in contact with for 25+ years. But the team from DMB&B has always stuck in my mind as a special time in my career because of the people who influenced me and what we experienced together. I still reference my time working there as being some of my most important formative years and so last night was very special. Thank you for creating the opportunity to reconnect with many old friends who I have lost touch with.

I am already looking forward to 4 years from now. I am sure it will be even bigger.'”

Continued Success!  Bill

Here are the best of all the pics I shot, plus a couple of other that people sent me. No captions needed, ’cause everybody knows everybody else. Feel free to use them anyway you like, legally that is.

See you all in four years.

DSC06400 DSC06404 DSC06407 DSC06408 DSC06411 DSC06413 DSC06415 DSC06417 DSC06423 DSC06425 DSC06427 DSC06428 DSC06431 DSC06434 DSC06437 DSC06438 DSC06444 DSC06445 DSC06446 DSC06448 DSC06450 DSC06452 Marisa+Rupert photo








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