The Hassle With CASL…My Video Debut.

 Jim TEA

Promod Sharma, whom I recently Linked with, had a peek at a few of the blogs I did on CASL over the past couple of months.

As part of the marketing program for his company, Taxevity, Promod and his son Jeevan, invite people to have a conversation over tea, which they record, edit and post on YouTube under the title Tea At Taxevity.

I was a bit skeptical going into this, because I have never really been filmed before in an interview format. But I have to say that Promod and Jeevan made me feel right at home. They are genuinely nice people and really enjoy doing this program.

So we got all set up and as we started talking I quickly discovered that I wasn’t really paying any attention to nor was I all that conscious of being filmed. I guess this is muscle memory kicking in from the hundreds of live presentations I have done selling stuff to clients.

All in all, this was an highly enjoyable experience. I hope than everyone who watches it will increase their level of understanding of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, as well as the parts of it I believe to be overkill.

Thanks again, Promod and Jeevan. I’ll be happy to come back anytime.

PS: We really did have tea.

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