10 Things I Find Slightly Disturbing, But Not Necessarily Surprising, About LinkedIn.

linkedin-for-professional-networkingOver the past several months I have stepped up my blogging activity on LinkedIn as well as the amount of time I have been spending reading and searching here. I’m honestly trying to figure out how it works, so that I can develop a few good relationships with people and companies who could benefit from my communication services.

LinkedIn, it would appear, provides excellent opportunity to do this, and so I progressively exploring all the ways that I can participate productively.

Because I am primarily a writer, with a writer’s blessing/curse for observation I’d like to share with you some of the things I have observed about LinkedIn, now that I am devoting some serious study time to it.

So here are my observations. Hope nobody gets too upset with what I have to say.

1. My wall on linked in has as many motivational posters and inspirational quotes from famous dead people as my wall on Facebook.

2. There are people who put up dozens of posts every day. So many that it makes you think that they are either purchasing them from somewhere or they just have nothing else to do.

3. Many of the posts put up by these frequent posters are a) formulaic, b) filled with useless and pointless information and c) generally pretty boring.

4. This (point 3) leads me to believe that there is a real ‘Bang ‘em over the head’ mentality practised by some people…you know, with high frequency of low quality posts vs the opposite, which I intuitively believe is the right way to go about promoting yourself here.

5. here are a lot of repeated posts, which I assume is a tactic designed on the principle that your stuff is moving down out of view at the speed of light.

6. The groups I belong to, with only a few exceptions, range from absurdly intellectual to almost exclusively promotional. A lot of the intellectual stuff all feels very academic. A lot of the promotional stuff all feesl like it’s geared towards helping people get jobs.

7. In the groups I enjoy participating in, participants range from really bright to really new and curious. So that’s a good thing.

8. The majority of the blogs I have read are poorly written and structured and filled with non-information. On the other side, some of the good blogs I have read are quite brilliant. But on balance they are sorely outnumbered by the poor ones.

9. There are a lot of people who preach the mantra of storytelling as the key to social and business media success, but very few of these people appear to walk the talk.

10. I find it paradoxical that I keep getting contacted to link with people I don’t know, but on the last occasion I attempted to do that, I got a slap on the wrist from the mighty hamsters who run this site. Perhaps this is something I just haven’t learned how to do yet.

Well there you have it. There’s probably a lot more I could have pointed out but I’m told that people like Top 10 lists. Hope this has more to do with preferences than attention span. But one can never be sure.

I think LinkedIn is a pretty amazing place, and the more I learn about how it works, the more possibilities I see for the long term success of my business. Hope you feel that this has been some meaningful content to digest.

Jim Murray is the creative director of Onwords & Upwords, a communications resource that creates and implements strategically focused branding, advertising & promotion for companies who appreciate solid creative thinking and value reasonable rates. He utilizes his vast ad agency and direct client experience to create informative and opinionated content in the areas of digital communications, branding, marketing and advertising. He is a communications strategist, writer, art director and producer. 

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