“What Every Small Business Needs To Know 101” Volume One.

8260099 copy 3I specialize in developing branding and supporting communications for businesses that are generally getting into this area for the first time. These are usually companies who have had their business based on a solid sales effort and are now transitioning into the need for a communications program that will help them get to the next level and look like they belong there.

The simple and somewhat sad reality in the business world is that companies are constantly being judged by how well they communicate both strategically and creatively. The downside of this is that businesses seldom get told if their communications aren’t effective. In fact they seldom get told anything at all.

It’s Not Rocket Science But It Does Require Some Assembly

The other area that a lot of emerging businesses have trouble with is in actually figuring out what’s good and what’s not out there in the world of communications suppliers.

In any given situation, the chances of your finding a supplier or suppliers that a) get what you’re about, b) are interested in helping you grow your business, c) are affordable and d) have enough experience to make you feel confident that they can deliver the goods, is about 1 in 5.

I call this the 80/20 rule and it kind of holds true no matter what area of communications you are dealing with. You definitely want to be dealing with the 20 percenters.

You Need Help Finding Help And Other Things

Over the past few months I have been posting a series of articles on things that I believe small businesses need to know in order to find and manage both their communications and their communications suppliers as they grow.

My thinking was that if you at least have some basic grounding in how to go about structuring a communications program and what to look for in the solutions you are presented with, you would be better off than just throwing darts at a board and hoping to get lucky.

Also, to this end, I have created an ebook entitled “Small Business Communications For The Real World”, that you can download for free at: http://tinyurl.com/nqlgtu3

The information in this short ebook is similar in nature to the blog articles, but there is also a lot of other good stuff there too, all designed to help make it easy for you to make decisions about who you want to have manage your communications so you don’t have to.

The Article Series

This is the first posting of this series of links to my articles…whenever I add a new piece to the series, I will repost this article with the new piece in it and a new volume number.

I sincerely hope that you take the time to go through this material. If you’re business is growing from being exclusively sales driven into a more marketing driven environment, this material will give you a lot of insight going forward.

And the more insight you have, the better informed your decisions will be, the more your business with grow, the more people you will employ and so on. It’s a beautiful thing. All you have to do is do it right.

What Every Small Business Needs To Know About Communications Strategy


What Every Small Business Needs To Know About Communications Synergy


What Every Small Business Needs To Know About Web Sites


Does Your Company Have A Consistent ‘Voice’?


The Critical Importance Of Testimonials In B To B Communications


A Guide To Taking Your Communications To The Next Level. 


The Fine Art of Crafting Mission Statements


Something To Think About When You Are In Need Of Strategic Creative Help For YourBusiness.


If you are interested in a discussion about your business
with an eye to having me help you develop
a solid communications program. please feel free
to contact me via any of the means below.


Jim Murray is a communications strategist, blogger, writer,
art director and producer. He creates and implements
strategically focused branding, advertising & promotion
for companies in the SME & B2B sectors who appreciate
solid creative thinking and value reasonable rates.

He is also the chief blog editor and polisher for
Content Editing & Polishing

Jim Murray Creative Director

Direct Line: 416 463-3475
Email: jim@onandup.ca or onandup3@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.onandup.ca
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