I Love Fridays…And What’s Not To Love?


I have always liked Fridays. Maybe it’s because I always believed in the 4 day work week. Or maybe because over the years, I have been a proponent of saving the best for last and so I save up all the stuff I like to do vs the stuff I have to do for Fridays.

When I worked in the agency business, the tribe of creative people I belonged to always made it a point to catch the 1:00 Friday screening of whatever movie we all agreed was worth catching. Movie popcorn and Diet Coke for lunch was the order of the day, and we all used to scramble like crazy on Friday mornings to get our work done so we could manage it.

In my business, relatively little happens on Fridays, especially at this time of year. It seems that most people in my town (Toronto), head out around noon and are nowhere to be seen, unless you are flying in a chopper over the thousand lakes that riddle central Ontario, until Monday.

A few people find this frustrating. These people are the A-Type workaholics who believe the only quality time that exists out there is the time they spend making money.  But, let’s face it, whenever really old people get interviewed about what they would have done differently in their lives, you don’t hear anybody going on about how they would have worked more.

In my world, anything that’s due on Friday is pretty much OK to leave until Monday, because even if you deliver it on time, the likelihood that someone will actually deal with it on Friday is minimal or non-existent.

But that doesn’t mean I get to goof around and do whatever I please.

First of all, there’s the domestic chores. Since I work at home and my wife works elsewhere, and also does the books for the business, I am pretty much in charge of running the house. This entails a stream of activities that anyone who owns a house will tell you is pretty much endless.

Then of course there is the blogging, which I usually combine with breakfast. This is not something that is confined to Fridays, because my blogging is a big part of my marketing program, especially since the devil worshipers who run this country have outlawed the practice of introducing yourself to prospects by email. (Many of us are praying for a painful end to these nincompoops in the next general election which is coming up soon).

Then there is the less frequent but nonetheless necessary chore of billing. And there always seems to be something to bill or someone to remind that they have, (quite innocently I’m sure), neglected to pay me for something.

LET'S GO FOR COFFEEThen there is the coffee. I have made it a part of my marketing to try and have coffee with an associate or former or prospective client at least twice a month.

Today it was supposed to be my old client and pal Herb Bond, who wants to talk to me about blogging. I’m not sure exactly in what context because Herb’s not too shabby at it already. But Herb currently runs one of the more successful Canadian antiques news publications and, as it turns out was busy getting it to press.

And last but not least, there is the fun stuff, which I consider my Friday blog to be.

But this week it also includes designing a couple of logos for the my client/associate, Robert Wright. One is for his new online learning course called Understanding Buyer Personas, which I also edited for him. The other is a logo for the holding site for all the courses in this series, which is called The Principles of Selling.
 I also wrote the site for him.

I’m working with another client, (RCK Sinks) which is in the process of launching a new line of sinks into the home market and have been playing around with a logo for their product as well as writing new release/blog posts for various vertical markets they have targeted.

I am also doing some thinking about my most recent project, which is an email reminder campaign for a relatively new device called Nimble Quotes, which I find very interesting. www.nimblequotes.com. You should check it out.

So as you can see, the 4 day week I alluded to in the beginning of this post is really a myth. It’s actually four days of the usual slogging and blogging and one day that has a bit more of a free-form structure to it.

Everybody has their own approach to the week. Those of us who work for ourselves and a home have to be especially mindful of several things including:

1. Not allowing yourself to drift into a 24/7 work pattern, because that’s easier to do than you might think.
2. Making sure that your day consists of keeping yourself nourished, hydrated and feeling like you are on top of things domestically.
3. Getting out out the office and even the house for a period of time each day, even if only for the actual movement.
4. Mixing work with exercise of some sort. I have a stationery bike I ride when I am on the phone and a real one I ride almost everywhere else.
5. Staying out of the kitchen, except for getting fresh coffee or making a shopping list.
6. Resisting the temptation to turn on the TV or radio and just veg out when you should be working.

Feel free to add to this list in the comment section.

So that’s my Friday Files for this week. Hope everybody has a great weekend  and if you live in the US…I pray you are actively supporting gun control. You guys need it more that you know.


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