Charleston. Another Sad Chapter In The Endless Saga Of Racism In America.

churchIt’s been more than 150 years since the US went to war with itself over the issue of slavery and ultimately, the equality of black people in America. And while it may have been resolved in principle by the results of the civil war, countless thousands of ignorant, idiotic white people refused to accept it.

These same idiots have reproduced and passed down this abject ignorance through the generations.

And while black people have, mainly through assertive passive resistance, been able to secure a measure of equality in America, there have always, always been ignorant fools out there who still believe that any race that is not Caucasian is somehow inferior, that their lives matter less and that they should not be afforded all the same rights and privileges as the more superior white people.

Couple this nurturing of racial hatred through generations with a total absence of gun control and what you get is exactly what happened in Charleston last week.

Obviously the countless attempts to educate people about racial equality have failed. The fact that more African American people hold positions of power in government at every level, right up to the top, that thousands run successful businesses and that African Americans keep proving themselves as true equals in just about every field of endeavor all appears to be totally lost on people who are genuinely racist.

It is simply too deeply bred in the bone of these white Americans. In fact you could make a very strong argument for racism as a form of insanity.

The violence we have seen over the last two decades especially, from both the police and individual civilians is completely senseless (from any rational point of view) and really could be classed as domestic terrorism.

Racism is not restricted to America. We see it everywhere in the world where one race of people fancies themselves superior to another. In America, however, thanks to the ubiquitous 24 hour news cycle, we get to see it much more up close and personal.

I’m a Canadian, and though I did grow up in a border town and spent a fair bit of my time in America, I am still looking at this from the outside in, and what I see is ia country in which the divide between black and white has never truly been broken down.

It is a country where a minority of the white population could be classed as true radicalized racists, but where the majority of people still may harbor certain racist sentiments, which they usually don’t act upon. These people are generally right wing leaning, and are perfectly willing to believe idiots like Jeb Bush when they proclaim that they don’t know if the Charleston massacre was necessarily sparked by racism.

These are the people in America that frighten me the most. Because these are the people who have been deluded into thinking that America is somehow safer and stronger when white people dominate the other races. And these are the people who will support fools like Jeb Bush and other far right leaning Republicans.

And all that will happen is that the problem will not go away, but only get worse.

The vast majority of us here in Canada have never had to deal with gun violence or racism to any significant degree. But then history is on our side. We were the end of the line for the Underground Railway…gun violence here is nowhere near the chronic levels it has reached in the US and, honestly, we have always been seen as a peace loving melting pot culture.

But more importantly, we never had the right to own slaves or had that right taken away from us through a bloody civil war, paradoxically fought by slave owners on both sides.

Racism in America is one of those problems that will take hundreds of years to resolve.

Racism of any kind makes no sense to any rational person. But let’s face it, if you grow up with an immediate and extended family who are all chanting a racist mantra, what are the odds you will end up be exactly that way yourself?


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