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I know it’s a tradition to state what you are thankful for at this time of year. So I have to say that, you know, besides all the usual stuff of having enough work to keep me out of the pool halls, a great family and a handful of really good friends, I’m thankful for the talented people I have discovered over the past year right here.

These are people whose work I have read, been influenced and inspired by  and enjoyed immensely. These are people who have made intelligent and insightful comments on my work. And these are the people who genuinely get something beneficial out of the articles I am putting up here on Pulse and in the other places where I post.

So thanks for all that.

This was a week of decompression. There wasn’t much going on business wise, but I did have a great meeting with an art director/strategist with whom I’m likely going to be working to put a full service communications consulting group together. We got along famously and I can see a great partnership forming up here.

Other than writing a couple of pieces and actually getting them transferred over to my WordPress blog, which is starting to attract more and more followers, and doing a fairly massive stock image search for my scrap metal recycling client’s new retail operation, I kinda just poked around the house a lot and did a ton of odd jobs. Cleaning out the eaves troughs we real fun.

My business is all about the hurry up and wait. There are always at least half a dozen planes circling the airport but they all seem to land one at a time these days, for which I am eternally grateful.

LET'S GO FOR COFFEEThe other thing I did was start setting up a bunch of pre-Christmas coffees with some of the people I like to stay in touch with. This is a good time of year to do that, unless of course you are in retail and you are just running around like a madman ‘cause it’s just 4 weeks till Christmas. OMG..did I just say that? Oi!.

Anyway, here’s your picks for the week…it’s a good bunch…enjoy.

1. Four Things Iron Maiden Taught Me About Life by James Mitchem

Jim is a writer from Charlotte, down south somewhere, who really understands what marketers need to be doing in the 21st century.

My Comment:  Outstanding post, James. That has Top 6 written all over it. Great story.

I totally agree with you. People tend not to think of Heavy Metal types as business people. But my wife was in promotion for an indie label in Canada called Attic records and I got to know and become friends with the members of a band called Triumph. Pound for pound, these guys were three of the shrewdest business people I have ever encountered.

They had control of every aspect of their business and their brand. And they were very successful because of it. After the band went away, they each got into different areas of the music business and their success continued. Because of the way they look, rock musicians, especially metal musicians, are easy to underestimate, and they know how to use that to their advantage.

Some of the most successful corporations in the world are called Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Iron Maiden,, Kiss, Bon Jovi and Adele to name but a few.  Oh yeah and Iron Maiden

2. Why I Endorse You by Joseph David Thomas

This is a short and to-the-point post on endorsements. I kinda liked it because I always scratch my head whenever someone I haven’t worked with or for endorses me for something, other than maybe blogging.

Joseph’s philosophy on endorsements is interesting and may change your mind a bit about both giving and receiving them. I know it did that for me.

3. Nobody Trusts An Ugly Web Site by Robyn Bragg

OK….I have written posts about this myself. There have been a number of studies conducted around the world that attest to the fact that you can no longer just throw a crappy looking badly written web site up on the Internet and be guaranteed that the world will beat a path to your door.

This is not actually a blog post but a slide show which really gives you a lot of tips on what makes a web site’s design good, and therefore trustworthy.

4. Client Retention Strategy #1: Thank You By Tammy Grabel

Tammy Grabel, owner of a publication called Las Vegas Woman, is doing a series on client retention. These are short posts, and I’m not sure how many there will be, but this one at least contains the kind of learning and insight that almost anyone in business could use.

5. The Golden State Warriors Just Made History. Here’s What Your Business Can Learn From Them by Justin Bariso

This is a great article on team building using the example of what is definitely the most talented team in the NBA and arguably the most exciting team to watch in all of pro sports right about now.

I know a lot about the NBA, having been a serious fan for years, and Justin’s analysis of the things that Golden State’s management did to put this kind of team together is both thorough and insightful. Anyone involved in management at any level will get a lot of good learning here.

6. Arrogant Control Is Not Leadership… On Social Media or Anywhere Else by Phil “Grumpy” Friedman

A lot of you will have seen this by now. But for those who haven’t and especially those who publish on Pulse, this is a very thorough exposition of the main bone of contention that bloggers have with LinkedIn.

My Comment: What you have done here, amigo, is something I haven’t, which is to state this argument in dispassionate business terms. I will post this in this week’s Top 6 and forward the link to Gary’s and my new LinkedIn VP pal Steve Johnson. Good stuff, Phil. There are a lot of people who see this sort of thing as just complaining about LinkedIn. But this post really articulates that this ‘complaint’ is more than totally valid, it’s freaking necessary.

Bonus Post:
Network News Brainwashing Hitting Record Highs…Or Lows by Me

Since it’s a long weekend for a lot of you out there, I’ve thrown in one of my older posts. This is one I wrote back in July. It’s just a short editorial on network news, which I something I am proud to say I have pretty much avoided for most of this year.

I’m still aware of what is going on in the world. I’m just not receiving that news by technicolor mainline injection every night at 6:30. The net result is that I am much less cynical than I used to be. In fact I even run a serious risk of actually becoming optimistic… LOL.

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This is pretty much enough reading to choke a horse. So a good idea would be to bookmark this page and have it be your own personal Influencer-challenged Pulse. LOL.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all my Americano amigos, and leave your guns at home when you head out shopping on Black Friday.

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