How I Deal With The High Level Of Bullshit In The World Today. Maybe This Will Help You Too.

The world level of bullshit is at an all time high. Some days you wake up and feel like it’s right up to your eyeballs.And on those days you just want to crawl back into bed and hide out.

Other days, when you feel strong, you’re like…OK Bullshit…this is the day I kick your butt. Those are the good days. And we remember them well.

The funny thing about bullshit is the mystery of where it comes from. I try and figure this out sometimes.

Take Donald Trump. You know, I used to see that guy on TV talks shows every now and then, and while I always understood that he was as egomaniacal as they come, I always thought he was pretty smart.

The he decides to take a serious run at the presidency. I say serious because he was making noises about it a few years back. And what happens is all of a sudden, he’s full of shit.

He wants to build a wall along the Mexican border. And make the Mexicans pay for it. He wants to send hundreds of thousands of troops over to kick ISIS’ ass. He wants to ban all Muslims from emigrating to America…and he’s just getting started.

Where does this bullshit come from? Well in Trump’s case it’s a radically over-inflated sense of his own self-importance coupled with a chronic lack of understanding of how the world works outside of his own empire.

And the other yahoos who are running against him for the Republican nomination are no better. He’s just the loudest, that’s all. But they’re all the same. Bullshit vendors every one.

Take America. There have been more mass shootings in America in the past three years than there have been days in those years.

And after every single one of them, poor Barack Obama gets up and shouts about gun control, and mental health. And you know what. It’s all bullshit. Because nothing happens. Because nothing really can.

And why?

Because on top of all the crap Obama has to deal with, there’s a majority of Republicans in the congress and senate who actually hate him and whose life’s work is to make sure that he doesn’t get anything done. Because he’s black. Because he’s a democrat. And because they have somehow convinced themselves that he is a highly placed Muslim terrorist.

It’s all bullshit. But there you go.

Take the Middle East. A bunch of tribes that have been making war on each other for a couple thousand years that we know of. And it’s all bullshit. They probably don’t even know why they’re fighting with each other, it’s been so long. My take on Islam is better than yours…Jeesh!

Then other counties come along with carpetbags in their hands and the Arab countries turn on them, and rightly so. And so it goes.

It’s like a perpetual bullshit generating machine that kills a lot of people, displaces a lot of others and makes a lot of money for very few.

And on top of all that you have a news media with an urgent need to package up all this bullshit and pump it out into the world 24/7 so that can make lots of money off this bullshit too.

So here we are. Up to our eyeballs in bullshit.

The common thread to everything I have just said is this. One to one, people are pretty reasonable. You’re reasonable. I know I am. And I would say that 80% of everybody you’d want to talk to about this would be fairly reasonable too.

But put people in a group, whether it’s at a political rally, the clubhouse of some street gang, a bunch of congressmen and senators, or a flock of disenfranchised have-nots and all of a sudden, it’s a bullshit fest.

So what can we do about this bullshit? Short of banning group assemblies, quite frankly not much.

So it’s up to each one of us to deal with in our own way.

How I Deal With Bullshit

My Attitude: I  don’t care where it comes from because I can’t get rid of it anyway.
My Psyche: I am using vehicles like this to exorcise it from my system, and you should too.
My Brain: I am carrying on like none of this bullshit even affects me. Because it really only will if you let it.
My Heart: I am empathetic with anyone who is caught in the vice that this bullshit creates in their lives. Because that’s only human.
My Way Forward: I am committed to living my life in as bullshit-free a way as possible, (with the exception of this post, of course) See point 2.
My Caution: I am absolutely minimizing my participation in the bullshit sectors of the media, by boycotting bullshit news.
My Voice: I am telling everyone who values their long term sanity to do the same.

So this is really all I can do. Maybe you see it applying to you. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you like bullshit. Maybe you think it’s fun. And some of it is. Certainly guys like Trump fall into that category. But only when observed from a distance. Otherwise they can be very toxic.

The Golden Rule of Dealing With Bullshit

Accepting the fact that bullshit is really the sum total of what you allow it to be is the key to minimizing it in your life.

So feel free to treat all bullshit as nothing more than little bits of flotsam and jetsam floating around the universe.

Some of it may hit you from time to time. But when that happens just turn on the forcefield of your intellect and tell yourself…it’s only bullshit. I do not take it seriously. It’s only bullshit. I do not take it seriously. It’s only bullshit….

Jim Murray, (that would be me), is the creative director of Onwords & Upwords,
a Toronto based communications resource that creates and implements strategically focused branding, advertising & promotion in all media for
companies who appreciate solid creative thinking and value reasonable rates.

I am a strategist, writer, art director and producer. I work directly
for companies in the SME sector and or the business
& marketing consultants who work with them.

Direct Line:
416 463-3475
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