Say Hello To My New Top 7 – Volume 1. I Think This Is The Best Set Yet.


Yep…the writing is getting so good that I’ve been forced to expand to 7 posts. Nice number when you consider the days of the week and shooting craps in Vegas.

This week, I finished up a bunch of stuff that had been hanging around for a long time. Happy to say Robert Wright now has a great web site for his Principles of Selling online learning programs. Also Phil Friedman and I have started an experiment in cooperative blogging. More on that later.

FYI: Last night on Facebook, I did my annual Year In Review. Here is it.
• Won some, lost some.
Did a little crying over spilt milk.
Passed the 2000 follower mark here on LumpedIn.
• Figured out that I was under-inflating tie tires on my bike and haven’t had a flat all year.
• Got a new grandson. Happiest kid I’ve eve met.
• Got a new bathroom. Now instead of reading when I’m on the can, I just sort of look around.
• Made a good friend in Robert Wright. We’re gonna do great things next year.
• Watched my Patriots win the SuperBowl with Waldin.
• Helped one of my clients launch a new business.
• Cheered for the Blue Jays…a lot.
• Wrote about 200 Blog Posts.
• Got rid of about 1900 ‘friends’ on Facebook, leaving me about 80.
• Stopped watching network news. Started feeling better almost instantly.
• Had coffee with advertising legend Ian Merlin
• Wrote half a dozen new lyrics. Now I have about 360.
• Finished reading every novel by Vince Flynn, who has my favourite fictional character, Mitch Rapp.
• Witnessed the rise and beginning of the fall of the world’s #1 Asshole.
• Watched my son and daughter get more successful in their chosen careers.
• Finally found the perfect coffee for me. PC Rich Blend.
• Managed to stay married for another year. Don’t know how she puts up with all the bullshit. But she does. I love you, honey.

Here’s your posts.

1. Reaching beyond Me (A 3-Part Series), by Phil “Grumpy’ Friedman.

Phil Friedman, my illegitimate son, has written another brilliant post on a malady that is epidemic in today’s world. Quite scary when you think about it, and damn it, Phil makes you think. Keep up the good work, Junior.

2. LinkedIn or LinkedOut? by Samatha Bailey

Samantha Bailey and Gary Sharpe are two of the most tuned in LinkedIn analysts I have ever encountered. Plus they are both good writers who really know how to nail an argument to the wall. In both the pieces I have posted by Samatha, her analyses are quite revealing about the possible future of LinkedIn. LinkedIn would probably just shrug it off and or ignore it. But the reality is that it’s worth being up to speed on.

I’ll tell you, if I was one of the 1% and I had a hankering to total displace LinkedIn, I would hire both Gary and Samantha, pay them whatever they wanted and tell them…one thing: Build me a non-dysfunctional LinkedIn.

And that would be that.

3. Influenced? by Ms Shelley Brown

Shelly blows in from the Windy City with an interesting perspective on Influence, and not just as it relates to life here on LinkedIn. She has a nice casual writing style that’s easy to read, and she makes a bunch of good points about the very nature of being here with each other on this platform waiting for Godot/The Train/The Next Big Thing/Everybody Else To Get Here. It’s a good post.

My Comment: Nice Piece Ms. Shelley. I personally think it’s not really possible to be influenced by the so called Influencers, simply because they keep the doors to a dialogue firmly closed. They will open them if you want to sign up for whatever it is they are selling. But that’s about it.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this too and have come to the conclusion that we are all our own best Influencers, in that we keep those doors open and what do you know, people walk through. That’s how relationships begin and that is really what this site is all about.

4. Writing On LinkedIn by Gary Sharpe

Gary Sharpe is one of the foremost brains on LinkedIn. He is very prolific and a good deal of the stuff he writes is pretty esoteric and analytical. But Lately I have noticed that Gary appears to be accessing another part of his formidable brain. Hence this very interesting and revealing post.

My Comment: I love to write on LinkedIn too. Damn it. I also love to read. And so I must confess that this post is not exactly what I am used to seeing from you. You appear to have actually dug down and found the Real Writer at the bottom of the Gary Sharpe persona totem pole. The one upon whose shoulders stands: The Leader of The Insurgency, The Technocrat, The Businessman and The Cheerleader. Nice to meet this Gary Sharpe. Maybe they should reverse positions for a while. That would be nice. I’ll definitely put this in the Top 7. It’s revelationary as opposed to revolutionary.

5. LinkedIn After Dark By Alan Gellar

Alan Geller’s tag line reads: Facilitating Financial Technology Career Moves & Musical Director, LinkedIn After Dark

So that’s pretty strange in and of itself. But more than that…after all the number crunching and formula devising that he obviously does all day, he is then able to slip into another hat and do something like this….every freaking week. Whoa.

I thought this Top 7 adventure was a bit of work. But compared to LI After Dark, it’s a walk in the park.

6. Should A “Monster” Be Put On A Pedestal? by Paul Drury

Paul Drury is a British Blogger and one of the 400,000+ people who signed the petition to have Donald Trump banned from Britain for his vile comments regarding Muslims, and because he is a major league creep in general. Then he wrote this post.

FYI. Paul is also the proprietor of, which is one of the places where you will find more writers like the ones you find here.

My Comment:
Fabulous, Paul. I’m amazed at how quickly the foul smell this man gives off has traveled around the world. Hopefully it comes all the way round and figuratively knocks him on his butt so he never gets up again.

7. My Journey to Unfluence by Rod Loader

I was totally blown away by this post. And I don’t get totally blown away all that often.

My Comment: Dude…this is one of the best posts I have ever read here on LinkedIn. You are telling the story of us all. And doing it in a beautiful way.

You are an awesome writer and storyteller. People will learn an incredible blogging lesson by reading this. You have just usurped me, in the #7 Spot in my new Top 7, which I am publishing as we speak.

Talk about Kismet. I just sat down and turned on the football game and said to myself…man I would like to have one more killer post for this week. And there you were. Congratulations. Please post this everywhere. I will too. It’s a work of art. And I don’t hand out compliments like this easily. You should be very proud. This is all heart and soul.

Well…that was a selection and a half. So you can see that bar has been raised a few notches…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

When I think about this it really makes me sad that the Mighty Hamsters of LinkedIn don’t see the value of a level playing field on Pulse. Everybody here is amazing and deserves a real shot at finding their audience. I’ll stop now because you all know where this goes. Have a great weekend.

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