The Trials and Tribulations of Belonging To The Unfluencers.


A few days ago now, Rod Loader wrote a beautiful post about his journey here on Linkedin.

Rod is a storyteller, so naturally the story was a wonderful narrative, and a joyful voyage to discovery that, as time proved, resonated with a lot of people.

But, and file this under, ‘there’s one in every crowd’, there was one person who took issue. Not with the story, because that certainly would have been his prerogative, but with the comments, many of which were made by Unfluencers.

His comments gave me the distinct impression that he thought this group to be some sort of cult, where everybody mindlessly gushes over the work of their own.

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good…
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

This comment started to bug me. Mainly because this commenter,  as far I could tell, wasn’t a member of the group and therefore probably didn’t understand what the group was about.

Perhaps in his world very little in the way of support is available. Or maybe he’s just a grinch with a good vocabulary because his comments seemed articulate enough.

The Unfuencers is not, I repeat, not your average LinkedIn group.

It is not filled with pontificators whose listening skills are only pauses in their speeches.

Everybody here is pretty damn smart, but nobody ever claims to be the smartest person in the room.

People have come here because the balance between take and give is pretty even, and they actually get to like the people they meet here on a genuine human level.

It’s a place where views are exchanged with civility, honesty and support.

Just yesterday I went through a beautiful little story by one of our members and suggested half a dozen corrections to it. Why? Because I knew that English was not her first language and that this would be seen as a learning experience. And she thanked me for it.

For that very reason I was happy to do it.

People in this group thank people for their advice and insight, because generosity creates gratitude and deepens relationships.

People come here to learn from each other without feeling obliged to do so. People teach each other by example. And people find things in common by reason of this spirit of openness.

This is a group where members inspire members through both supportive comments and constructive criticism and are not shy about doing either.

I sent Rod Loader a note after I read his post and told him that his story would look better if he closed up the paragraph spacing.

Guess what? He thanked me for the tip and will use it going forward.

The Learning

If someone thinks that this group is some sort of cult, then they have never experienced what life is like when someone you love is in a real cult. Period.

The Unfluencers is the farthest thing from a cult that one can imagine and the closest thing to an extremely high functioning network in what has become a very cold sector of the social media universe.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbHAAAAJDllOWEzYzIxLTdjYTYtNDY4ZS1iODc3LTQxOTViZWFiOWZhNQJim Murray, (that would be me), is the creative director of Onwords & Upwords, a Toronto based communications resource that creates and implements strategically focused branding, advertising & promotion in all media for companies who appreciate solid creative thinking and value reasonable rates.

I am a strategist, writer, art director and producer. I work directly for companies in the SME sector and or the business & marketing consultants who work with them. I am also an Unfluencer and proud to be one.

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2 thoughts on “The Trials and Tribulations of Belonging To The Unfluencers.

  1. It’s unfortunate that many kind gestures are now considered with suspicion and fear, Jim Murray. Stacey Alcorn posted an article about an interesting exercise she did in San Diego that – at first – was met with suspicion, but was eventually understood to some extent, and enjoyed. There are certain assumptions made that people are selfish & greedy and have their own agenda or motives. I’m not surprised that someone would approach the Unfluencer group with the same suspicion, though I find it sad. In any case, we can only unfluence one person at a time and do it with intention to find another person to share the kindness in small gestures. That’s how we can continue to build this tidal wave of generosity.

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