Pour Yourself A Fresh Cup Of Whatever…Jim’s Top 7 Picks Volume 2

OK. This week you’re not gonna hear much about how my week went. It was pretty slow and the most significant thing I did was write my annual Christmas story, which I will be posting on the weekend. Mostly I just puttered around, stayed up late to watch football and basketball and rode my bike a lot because the weather here has been great.


Transcript Of My First Meeting As TheNew CEO Of LinkedIn by Itai Leshem.

 My Comment: I smiled all the way though this piece, Itai Leshem. Now if only we could arrange to have you magically transported into this position, there would be much joy in the LinkedIn Underground. Actually, there would be no LinkedIn Underground, because there would be no stratification and no hierarchy. Everybody would be an Influencer and their success would be based on their effort, which is only fair. And I think to myself…what a wonderful world.


Aims, Ambitions & Dreams by Dr. Gary Sharpe.

My Comment: I read this post with more than a passing interest. There are a bunch of us who have been observing each other since the inception of the Unfluencer group. My observation here is that you aren’t so much articulating your profile, because I knew all this stuff about you before I read this. But you are dimensionalizing it in a fashion which others can understand and emulate in their own way. I actually wrote something like this a while ago. But I thought it might have been considered, at that time, too ego-centred. But as the events of the last few months have shown us, the real benefit to being here on LinkedIn is not the quantity of deadheads we reach with our posts, but the quality of the people we choose to engage with and vice versa. I like what you are doing. It’s very human. And it’s something I will be emulating in my own way. And soon, because December, for me, is a month of introspection and always has been. So this appears at just the right time…kismet. Thanks, Gary…the guy with the flashlight at the front of the pack.


How To Be Big & Small At The Same Time by Paul Croubalian.

My Comment: Nicely sustained metaphor. Nicely compacted explanation of content marketing. I still don’t think it’s (content marketing) anywhere near the greatest thing since sliced bread and that’s mainly because the vast majority of people have no clue about how to use it. A lot of them think they can do it themselves and then they quickly run out of gas. Too many are under the impression that it’s too expensive to hire someone to do it for them. These are the people who have forgotten just how costly advertising and direct mail were. Ahh the new world. Not the same as the old world.


The Story Of Sey-Tu, The Girl With The Unusual Large Feet by Willemijn Heideman.

My Comment: This is a beautiful little story and it really shows your progress as a blogger. I echo every word of Rob Loader’s comment. PS Look for this in the Top 7 This week.

Rob Loader’s Comment: Beautifully written Willemijn. A wonderful, touching story which encapsulates the tragedy of people losing their homes to climate change. Your storytelling skills are really growing. Well done, you are touching hearts as well as minds.


Help! Let’s Crowdsource The Best Writers of 2015. Right Here! by Paul Drury.

This is a great idea from Paul Drury, proprietor of www.blogpoets.com. And the sheer volume of responses and suggestions he is getting could either get him in a lot of trouble with LinkedIn or if they are smart, get him featured and let this idea get out to the wider LI universe.

So please, if you haven’t already, make it a point to reco some bloggers you think are worthy, even if someone else has. It’s probably never going to be a level playing field here but things can always get better for the writers.


How to Create and Sustain a Customer Oriented Culture by Tino Ciccaglione.

Tino is a client of my LI pal, Denise M Barry, who has been working with him through some pretty extraordinary circumstances of late. But one of the things that came out of it was that Tino’s company has become more focused on the development of a true customer oriented culture.

This post lays out the ground rules that Tino setting up in his company, So this will could be of real interest to those companies who are currently in the process growing, but flying by the seats of their pants, so to speak, in terms of their customer experience.


7. Speaking Of Witch by Pascal Derrien

This is the chronicle of Pascal’s brush with the great beyond and his experience recovering from an extremely serious accident.  I found this particularly fascinating because I’m a bike rider myself and a couple days ago I caught a pothole and went a bit ass over teakettle into the pavement. 
I’m still feeling pretty rocky today. So take that and multiply it by a couple million and you can imagine what Pascal went through here on his road to recovery and how he was treated by other so called human beings in the subsequent months. This is very powerful stuff. But well worth reading.


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