David Bowie 1947-2016

David Bowie was one of those guys that most of us have listened to all our lives. He had one of the largest song catalogs in the history of modern music.

Several of his songs, most significantly Young Americans, are permanently stuck in my head and I sing them to 12512293_1543341969314763_5072853143584123737_nmyself often.

That is the sign of a true Superstar, songs stuck in your head. It’s easy to think of the rockers you grew up with as living forever. Keith Richards created that impression.

But the fact is that everybody has to go sometime. I’m pretty sure that David Bowie had an amazing life. He had more personas than you can shake a stick at and he carried them all off with genuine aplomb.

In essence, you could say that he had a series of amazing lives. Now how many of us can say that? In a world of primates he was a genuine class act all the way.

Rest In Peace, Major Tom.


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