Five More Uneasy Pieces of The Big Lyric Book

16341601This is the second set of uneasy pieces I have posted. I have been writing lyrics since the late 1970s and have accumulated a catalog of close to 350.

Since this is a hobby, I only write them when I get an idea or feel musical. They generally come out pretty much the way you see them here, although I do revisit the regularly and tinker a bit.

Most of the stuff I write could be classed as power ballads and the style is anywhere from progressive country to rock. There’s nothing middle of the road about the way I hear these things when I am writing them.

In another time I would have pursued a partnership with a composer. But the songwriting business has basically gone to hell in a hand cart. So I’ll just wait till the circle spins back round again.


 Time is your enemy
On this mortal plane
It stings like poison
And it falls like rain
Leavin’ you lonely
And mostly insane
As your life flies madly
Like water down the drain

 Love is one feeling
You could never define
It’s lost in your yesterday
Drowned in the wine
Poured out by ladies
With dark eyes that shine
And lips that promise heaven
Till the end of time

It’s no wonder you’re runnin’
Like a thief in the night
Runnin’ like a blind man
Chasin’ visions of light
Runnin’ like a gypsy
From some ancient curse
Runnin’ from bad to worse
Runnin’ from bad to worse

 No one can say
Where this dream will end
Maybe in the arms
Of your last true friend
Lyin’ in some grotto
Where poets go to die
Under the black moon
That lights the pale blue sky

It’s the life that you’ve chosen
Beating strong in your breast
The scars on your arms
And the medals on your chest
You fought the good fight
But never passed the test
Of just what is worst
And just who is best


 It’s the road I ride
It’s a one night stand
Another broken promise
In this Promised Land
It’s a mile too far
It’s a long way to go
But it’s the road I ride
And it’s all I know

 It’s the road I ride
To the point of no return
It’s a widow’s teardrop
Where a fire still burns
In a captive heart
Screamin’ to be set free
It’s road I ride
It’s all there is to me

It’s the road I ride
In this old Cadillac
It’s a one way street
It’s a knife in the back
It’s the highway’s cry
It’s the siren song
It’s road I ride
It’s where I belong

 It’s the road I ride
With its own set of rules
You steal an ounce of gold, boy
You got to pay back two
But I’m headin’ straight
Into the eye of the sun
It’s the road I ride
Till my life is done…


 Deep down in the blue light
I hear you whisper soft and low
Promises melt like honey on your lips
But your words are just for show

Deep down in the blue light
Everything feels soft and warm
Bodies intertwine like quicksilver flows
But it’s the calm before the storm

And I been livin’ through
A thousand crazy days
And it looks like it’s gonna be
One of those crazy nights
Between the unsung passion
And the badly written passion plays
This perfect love has a tragic flaw
Deep down in the blue light

 Deep down in the blue light
Love is over before it begins
And the sinner never even gets
The chance to do penance for his sins

 Deep down in the blue light
Passion is cheap, lies flow like wine
Lovers treat each other as strangers
And end up lonely before their time

And I been livin’ through
A thousand lonely lifetimes
And it looks like tomorrow
Has no relief in sight

You’re lyin’ here but I can feel
You cuttin’ that lifeline
And I go drifting alone again
Deep down in the blue light


 In the heat of the night
Love calls my name
Like a siren’s cry
Luring me to the flame
I don’t know what’s wrong anymore

I don’t care what’s right
Love’s a dream to me now
In the heat of the night

In the heat of the night
Love and hate are as one
They can haunt like the moon
They can burn like the sun

As the temperature rises
And you drift out of sight
I seek mercy from the darkness
In the heat of the night

In the heat of the night
Where no candles burn
Where no friends and lovers
Wait for your return

And the lies I tell myself
No longer make everything alright
I’ll be dreaming of lost love
In the heat of the night

 In the heat of the night
Shadow memories fade
Embers turn to ashes
Just like the plans we made
And my only regret
Was never learning to love you right
It could have been such a beautiful fire
In the heat of the night


The deck is marked
The game never ending
Even though we know
It’s gone on too long
Kisses in the dark
Messages we’re sending
Just a matter of time
Before we’re dead and gone

 Inside your white lies
You find your freedom
Behind your gold mask
You hide your tears
Nobody gets to know
What you’re feelin’
‘Cause you measure love
Like you treasure fear

And like mad dogs
Howlin’ at the moon
Darlin’ we
Grow old too soon

 You move the pieces
From square to square
Your velvet glove
Rubs the ebony pawn
But nothing changes
Till the queen is dead
The game is just for show
And the show must go on

Inside your dark eyes
I look but see no love
Behind your gold mask
You laugh at me
And on your canvas
You paint a rainbow
In the gaudy colours
Of your insanity

Copyright Jim Murray Onwords & Upwords Inc.


JIM JAN 2015Jim Murray, (that would be me), is the creative director of Onwords & Upwords, a Toronto based communications resource that creates and implements strategically focused branding, advertising & promotion in all media for companies who appreciate solid creative thinking and value reasonable rates.

I am a strategist, writer, art director and producer. I work directly for companies in the SME sector and or the business & marketing consultants who work with them.
Direct Line: 416 463-3475
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