Why I Ride And Ride Hard Every Day


Four years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood sugar which is a pre-diabetic state. My doctor, The Schwartz, told me he had never really gotten down on me because of my weight. But now it was time to do something about it.

I weighed 288 lbs at the time. I looked like a cross between a defensive guard for the New England Patriots and a middleweight sumo wrestler.

I had, over the past 30 years or so, managed to put this weight on so gradually that I didn’t notice. And that’s the insidiousness of it.

The reason that I had managed to keep it off before then was because I had an ad agency job and I rode my bike to all parts of town five or sometimes six days a week. And on the weekend I rode even further.

After I started working at home, I still rode, but less far and less hard. And like anything in life that creeps up on you I fell victim to weight gain. The weight gain was caused by not always having control over what was available to eat. A lot of networking group meetings, a lot of doughnut enhanced client and production meetings. A lot of radio and TV production sessions. A lot of pizza. A lot of cookies. A lot of everything.

All of which was overridden by the fact that because I was busy I was nervous and jittery all the time. And because I was that way a lot, food, which was always around, was a great distraction.

It’s amazing how you can go for years without noticing certain obvious things.
One of the other reasons was the Internet. For the last 15 years, I became more and more like I am today. Doing business on line. Half my clients are hours away by plane. But right in front of me on my computer screen.

The addictiveness of this sedentary lifestyle didn’t help at all. And about 8 years ago it got to the point where I simply could not compensate for my energy intake with my energy output.

So then the odyssey began. I won’t go into detail, because I have written about it a lot. MY original post on it is here.

Keep Your Eyes Off Those Damn Fries

Needless to say, the key factor in both losing the weight and keeping it off (and I’m not to where I want to be yet), is simply awareness.

I learned a lot about my body. I learned what to eat and what avoid. This was the key, combines with a regular schedule of exercise that helped me lose about 70 lbs all tolled, and got my blood sugar levels out of the red zone.

We are all getting older. A lot of people in high stress jobs (especially entertainment), appear to be dropping like flies these days.

I don’t want to be one of them and I’m sure you don’t either.

The Learning

Pay attention to your body.

Pay attention to what you eat.

Figure out the kind of exercise you need to do and make a commitment to making it part of your life.

Then as the Nike commercials say….Just Do It.

There’s no reason for the later years in your life to be crappy ones. They can be filled with the joy that good heath can bring.

But it’s not free. You have have to pay for that with work and commitment.


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