Your Top 7 For The Week Of January 18, 2016…This Time It’s Personal.


OK my peeps. One of the things that you will notice about this week’s Top 7 is that it is pretty much not in keeping with the way I was thinking about it last week.  This is mainly due to the simple fact that a lot of what I saw this week, as opposed to last week, was pretty good. And encouraging.

So here’s the deal. Keep writing good stuff. And I’ll keep re-posting a good bit of it.

The other thing you will notice about this week’s collection is that they are all, in their own ways, about the journey we are on here…in life, and to some extent, in business.

When push comes to shove, I can read pure business focused  posts and either nod or shake my head, thinking either good stuff or bullshit.

But when I read most personal posts, my reaction is visceral, emotional, not analytical. And that’s what turns me on personally. That’s the stuff I want to interact with, broadcast and share. That’s the stuff that people need to be exposed to, if for no other reason than that it could make a difference of some sort to them.  And give them some emotional ammo to keep up the fight every day.

 You can find stuff to analyze here on LinkedIn just about anywhere.

What I’m looking for this list to be is the stuff that touches a nerve, or a feeling or gives you an idea you can relate to that is about your humanity. And there are a lot of writers who do that.

Some people would argue that a business networking site is not the right place for something like this. But I would argue back that keeping in touch with the human side of people is a necessity. Because that’s how true relationships are formed. You know,  not the master-slave kind, but the collaborative partner kind.

Anyway, here you go. Hope you get something out of all this. I sure did. And if you do, I hope you will share it with your peeps, and really get it out there. ‘Cause like the sign up top says…this is The Good Stuff.

Far Away From LinkedIn, Closer To Myself Stephan X. Trano

My Comment: When I read one of your posts way back when I thought you were a bit of an arrogant tool. But you were interesting. So I followed you, without commenting. Having read this profoundly personal piece I see that you have (perhaps always) been hyper-aware of what the majority of people here on this site are up against. I applaud you for speaking the truth and by example, showing people that there is a world that is not framed by a computer screen. This piece will hopefully serve as an inspiration to many to get back in touch with reality.

The Real Reasons Thought Leadership Is Vital For Business (They Are Not What You Think) by Cheryl Snapp Conner.

My Comment: Cheryl…Thanks for this article and the inclusion. I think it’s important for people to understand that, despite all the nonsense that goes on on LinkedIn, there are people who are intent on creating a level playing field where ideas can be exchanged and good ideas can grow. I think the Unfluencers is really the blueprint for that kind of activity. And I think you are a very astute journalist for spotting it. There are more groups springing up all the time. It’s like a town with a whole lot of little boutique stores that people find interesting and worth patronizing. Slowly the dominance of the Walmart out on the highway is diminished to some extent. And maybe a little balance is restored. We can only hope. Thanks for your efforts to shine a light.

How The SUN Made Me Think by David J. D’Silva

My Comment: Interesting reflection, David. Before I was diagnosed and treated for Tic Syndrome, a mild form or Tourettes, I was angry all the time. Plus I was a writer and had all that writer anger too. It was pretty heavy. But much like the fog that lifted from you in your story, mine was also lifted, primarily through awareness and guidance, secondarily through pharmacology. Not exactly sure what brought you to the point where you were a vessel for anger, but again, totally relateable. Thanks for this. It was quite the journey in the finite space of a Pulse post.

Does Time Diminish Memory by Don Kerr

My Comment: Wow…Don…that is one hell of a story. And I am so happy that you and Katie have come out the other side stronger for the experience. No one should have to go through this. But too many people do. It’s one of the great sadnesses of our time. My wife lost her mother to breast cancer and her father to lung cancer, so I know how terrible this disease can be. And for that reason I am genuinely happy for you both and for your kids.

The First Rule Of Thought Leadership  by Anders Liu-Lindberg

My Comment: Good one Anders…I like it. You’re a real thought leader…(honest). I only put thought leaders in my weekly Top Seven so you must be.

What I Learned From Behind the Bullpen by Melissa Hughes

My Comment: Melissa…this is less corporate than most of the pieces you write. I like the insights and the metaphor. We can all learn a lot from the world of professional sports. Some of the world’s biggest entrepreneurial enterprises are sports franchises. “However, the ability to consider another position vastly different from our own is what truly fosters intellectual enlightenment and growth…” In this line along you have summed up the essence of the cooperation required to make a professional team function as a team. Your handle on what make companies work is, well, quite formidable to say the least.

Top Reasons Bloggers Quit – Avoid The Blogging Graveyard by John White

My Comment: Good advice, John. But I think that one truth remains unstated. There are a lot of people who may be able to write well and have good things to say, as you point out. But they are not real writers, because their heart and soul is not in it. So my advice, to add to your sterling counsel, is to search inside a bit and convince yourself that you both can and will do whatever it takes to stick with it, improve your skills, and focus on stuff that you really believe will be interesting to your readers.

Three Writers Worth Following
Trish Goff
John White
Shelley Brown

Well, that’s about it for this week. If you like the stories you read here, please feel free to like, comment on and share this link. Because that’s an easy way to get the to good stuff circulating. Have a great weekend. I’m going down to see my sister and have some birthday cake. When I show you the gift my wife made for her, you will be blown away. (Next week)


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