What I Like

DSC08189I’m Jim and I like watching businesses grow.

I like seeing them make the right moves and doing the kinds of positive things that will make their customers appreciate them.

I like businesses that know what they don’t know and are willing to listen to people who do know. I like the fact that these these alliances almost always produce positive results.

I like business that are run by people who know that regardless of what their business does, it’s first and foremost a business that helps individuals or companies get what they are looking for out of the relationship.

I like businesses that use the past to build on the future, and aren’t afraid to learn how the future works.

I like businesses that make their own way in the world based on their strengths and work hard to correct their weaknesses.

I like businesses that understand that the more their customers like and trust them the more successful they will be.

I like businesses that get it. And I like business that are close to getting it but just need a little help to get them there.

I’m Jim. I’m a communicator. And I like watching (and helping) businesses grow.

JIM JAN 2016I have  been a writer pretty much all my life.  For most of my adult life, including now, people actually pay me to do it. They pay me to art direct a lot of the stuff I write too. I am also a mentor, blog post editor and a pretty decent photographer.

I write to help people and companies large and small with their marketing and I blog primarily to help people get better at communicating. In today’s world, that’s almost a public service.

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Text Copyright © 2016 by Jim Murray. Photos by Jim Murray. All Rights Reserved.


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