Your Top 7 For The Week Of January 25, 2016.


If you have been following this series for a while, you will notice that the selections here tend to be very personal. I have always gravitated to the stuff that resonates with me, primarily on an emotion level.

There’s no shortage of rational content on LinkedIn. Just swing your dead cat and you’ll hit something newsy or something analytical. And don’t get me wrong, I read a lot of that stuff too, because it’s good to be up to speed on what’s going on in the world of business.

But my preference is to both read and write about what’s going on in the world between the ears. I made an exception to that in this edition with the Matt Sweetwood post below. But only because it is, in my opinion, a really valuable piece of work.

Other than that, what you’ll mainly find here are genuine ‘think pieces’. So if you want to work that side of your brain, you have come to the right place.
Knock yourself out.

We Do Not “Own” Social Media by Anurag Harsh

My Comment: Great little piece. Anurag. There is real truth in this. I spent part of my energy this past year taking LinkedIn to task for their removal of notifications to followers for writers on their Pulse publishing platform. But after a while I came to the same conclusion that you have stated in this piece and have managed to more or less stay there by developing workarounds.
But there is no doubt that this has damaged many writers’ ability to further build their followings and in fact even reach their current followers. There are literally thousands of writers who were invited to contribute to Pulse with the promise of a) being able to build a following and b) having their followers notified whenever they created a new post. At the time that seemed a fair trade for the massive amount of content they were providing. And for a while LinkedIn honored that commitment. Right up until they didn’t. And while it’s true that they are completely entitled to do whatever they choose as the owners of the medium, this lack of commitment, in addition to making very little sense from a business perspective, really doesn’t look good on them. Anyway, thanks for this. I would like to include this piece in a weekly curated compilation I publish.

Read Anurag’s Article

Equality In 2016 By Gary Spence

My Comment: “Equality…I spoke the words as if a wedding vow…Ahh but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.” Bob Dylan.
Your rant is right on the money. However, just turn on CNN and you will see racists and sexists and misogynists and homophobes and religious profilers of every shape and size holding or running for high office in the one of the self-proclaimed most ‘democratic’ countries in the world. What sad, sorry bullshit this is. Go nine hours east and you will see sectarianism run amok, all through the middle east. Actually drop a pin almost anywhere on this planet and you will find some level of inequality. So you are not alone. But you are in a fairly limited group of people who treat everyone like an equal member of the human race. We’re called the realists, and we might be able to fill a football stadium on a good day.

Read Gary’s Article

A Twofer….The Power of Hello & The Power of Goodbye by Trish Goff

My Comment: Hi Trish…I just finished reading your book-ended posts Hello and Goodbye and I have to tell you, in a world of mostly crap, which I have to wade through to find 7 really good posts each week, I ended up with two for the price of one. The simple elegance of your writing makes it effortless to read. You can really feel it’s coming from the heart. And the lessons embedded in each post just kind of mosey into your consciousness without jumping up and screaming ‘here I am’.  I’m not sure you have any idea yet how many writers would kill to master subtlety the way you have. You’re a poet. Whatever you do, keep writing about the things you feel, because people need to know that it’s not all just information and persuasion. I work the same highway, just in a different vehicle. It’s nice to look over and see you there, chugging along at the pace of your heartbeat. Keep it up. I love it.

Read Trish’s Article The Power of Hello
Read Trish’s Article The Power of Goodbye

Inner City Life by Rod Loader

My Comment: You keep writing about all of us…impressive, Rod. Thanks.
Really Good Guest Comment by Laura Mikolaitis: Rod, another creative piece. Thank you for sharing the intrigue with us. I am reeled in by your words and transported to another place in time. I hope that we don’t become a purely virtual world because human interaction is a gift and a lesson all wrapped up in one. To be void of that would make things seem so desolate. I look forward to reading more – I am hooked!

Read Rod’s Article

What Every Retailer Should Be Doing In 2016 by Matt Sweetwood

My Comment: Thanks for a very informative post, Matt. This is one of those genuine public service posts that businesses of all kinds, not just retailers, can benefit from. I worked in retail for a number of years before I got into advertising and found myself nodding at several of the points you made, and mentally giving myself a retro boot in the ass for not thinking of them. I’m one of these people, like Bob Hoffman, who believe there are still a large number of customers out there who want to kick the tires, so to speak, as opposed to just clicking the mouse. Your piece is of immeasurable value to anyone who wants to make sure their tires get kicked a lot.

Read Matt’s Article

The Oldie But Goodie Section

I think it’s always good to glance in the rear view mirror from time to time. There’s a lot of good stuff back there in the dust. So I have designated the 7th post of this column as such.
This one is by my friend, and my co-author on the moderately successful ‘He Said He Said’ posts that appear on LinkedIn whenever we finish one, Phil Friedman. Phil is an amazing writer, and unlike the vast majority of people writing here, a real one, in that people actually pay him to write stuff for them. So we can all learn a lot of Phil’s work.

Three Points of Advice to My Teenage Daughter by Phil ‘The Grumpster’ Friedman

My Comment:  I just added an ‘oldie but goodie’ section to my weekly Top 7. You get to launch it, amigo. This is brilliant, passionate and similar in may respects,to conversations I had with my own daughter, who is now on the verge of having her first novel published. There’s very little that can compare to the way dads feel about their daughters. I hope your daughter took this advice to heart, because that’s obviously where it came from.

Read Phil’s Article

Three Authors To Follow
Itai Leshem
Christian Farber
Paul Drury

Okey dokey then. That just about wraps it up for this week. Next week’s post might not happen, because I just picked up a new communications project from a smaller local business and have a lot of stuff to write and art direct.

In the meantime, any suggestions for the main post or the oldies section will be most welcome.

If you like the stories you read here, please feel free to like, comment on and share this link. Because that’s an easy way to get the to good stuff circulating. Have a great weekend.


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