Your Top 7 For This Week…And It’s All Primo Stuff. Don’t Bogart It…Share It With Your Friends.


OK…man, it’s Wednesday again.They sure come around quickly, even at this time of year when we’d all rather be hibernating.

This is a bit of an eclectic collection this week. Some old favourites. One lady I bet you have never heard of and a certified legend. This is kind of like the Ed Sullivan show of post showcases, without Señor Wences.

Also make sure you check in on Friday because Phil Friedman and I have cooked up a new He Said He Said post for you, which you might find interesting.

Anyway, I only have an hour to get this all together. Obligations this week and by that I mean work.

Here’s your posts. I hope you enjoy them.

An Invitation…To  Follow! by Donna-Luisa Eversley

My Comment: Hi D-L. This actually fits beautifully into the loose theme I am going after for this week’s list. In order to increase engagement in any social media environment you have to make it known that you are open to it. A lot of people write closed pieces and hope you will think they’re so freakin’ brilliant that you will move heaven and earth to deepen your relationship with them. This is part of the pablum that digital marketers feed people and they eat it up. I have been reading you since the start and you were always open and inviting engagement. People can learn a hell of a lot from your example.

The Roomba Strikes Back by Leslie Jo Chase

My Comment: Great story. Very amusing. Killer Roomba. Have you seen the video of the cat the rides around the the Roomba in a shark costume? You should add it to your post.

Sometimes The Answer is Right In Front Of You by Cyndi Wilkins

My Comment: Very Interesting Cyndi. Blood pressure is a lot more important than most people realize. And you’re absolutely right about getting answers from the Internet. My 80/20 Rule Of Almost Everything clearly states that 80% of everything that exists on the Internet is BS. And that is being generous. Newsletters that come in the mail at the right karmic moment, well that’s a whole other thing, now isn’t it? 🙂 Thanks for posting this. I will put it in my Top 7 this week. I love humanity of it.

Bob Dylan’s MusiCares Speech: How He Wrote the Songs, a Master Class Must Read

My Comment: Anybody who follows me on Linkedin or Facebook knows that I am a big Bob Dylan fan and have been pretty much all my life.  I actually saw a video of this speech that he gave at his MusiCares tribute. And I thought it was one of the most honest and revealing speeches I have ever heard. This is the transcript of that speech and reading it is and even better experience that listening to it if that’s possible. It was for me anyway.

So if you’re at all curious about how one of the great creative minds of our time functions, this will give you some pretty good insight.

What Is LinkedIn by Richard Kelsall

My Comment: I have raged against this particular cylinder in the LI machine for quite some time now, and I am totally with you on this. But if you put yourself in the position of LinkedIn management (love them or hate them), and you will see that this is a very tough nut to crack. The minute you start imposing sanctions on people who post this crap, you get a whole bunch of other people yelling and screaming about freedom of expression.

This actually happened when I did a post like this and will probably happen to you before your post runs out of gas. I believe this lowers the status of LinkedIn from professional to semi-professional. If it erodes any further, there is no doubt in my mind that people will start migrating to one or another of the other business sites out there. Trouble is that the larger they grow the more this issue will become a challenge for them too. I hate to say it but I’m not sure this a a problem that LinkedIn can actually solve without going to considerable expense.

Instagram & The Rise of Veiled Online Personas by Anurag Harsh

My Comment: Another interesting piece highlighting a sad reality in today’s world. Creating fake personas really does smack of self-loathing. Spending horrendous amounts of time managing all those personas smacks of complete addiction to social media and an emotional neediness that would be off the charts if it wasn’t so commonplace. Can you imagine the suicide rate if a site like Instagram we ever seriously hacked?  But the worst thing of all are the numbers. They have to be extremely high. All these people essentially disconnected from reality, feeding off other people’s opinions of them. It’s like the worst sci-fi movie ever made. Thanks for posting this. I’m going downstairs to watch TV now. Maybe I can catch Dr Phil.

LinkedIn’s Whistleblower Explains The Real Story Behind Its Collapse by Itai Lesham

My Comment:  You are one of my favorite people here, because you are carrying the banner for the yet to be acknowledged most important members of LinkedIn, which are the providers of original content.

I have read all your analysis and, oddly enough, what you are reporting falls pretty much in line with much of what Sam Bailey was predicting late last summer. Someone in these comments pointed out that business nowadays is focused almost 100% on profit to the near total exclusion of the needs of their user base.

What’s been happening to LinkedIn (and it’s all self inflicted), since it went public is exactly that phenomenon. Until they wake up and start to realize that without active users, there is no show, things will continue to decline, because that seems to be the only way forward for them at the moment.

Soon, the contributor base will decline as well as sites like Medium and beBee and WordPress continue to grow and contribute to the influence base of the writers here. I have already transitioned back to being very active on WordPress, and the other sites I have mentioned, and growing my reader base there. I would love to do that here. But without the once guaranteed notifications to followers of which I have about 2500 now, we’re all just pissing in the wind.

Thanks for your hard work on keep people informed and translating a lot of the bullshit biz speak into English. Have a great break. Please don’t go away. Your value here is very high, as demonstrated by the long string of detailed comments here.

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