Jakob, The Carrot Protecting Bunny…An Exercise In Storytelling


My sister Sharon, who is also one of mine and my wife’s best friends, loves small animals and birds. The back patio area of her house is pretty much dominated by these creatures, as they come there to feed on the abundant seed supply she puts out for them.

The chairs in her husband Bob’s studio are set up so they she and Bob and sit and observe these animals pretty much any time they like. She calls it the best reality show going.

My sister has a particular fondness for rabbits, bunnies and hares. She scours the Internet collecting beautiful images of these creatures and posting them on her Facebook page. She has very good taste in the images she chooses and they really reflect her love of these animals.


My sister also knows that I like building little memes. Mostly tiny bits of my personal philosophy reflected in poster-like creations.

Last week, she sent me this image. I fell in love with it for two reasons. One…it’s way cute and 2. The way it was designed by the unknown artist seemed to cry out to have a little story told about it.12744034_1238425032841237_7559880515091907771_n

So that’s what I did.

Most of the memes I have created up to now have either been about communication, my personal philosophy, some politics and of course, my grandsons Rowan & Ryder who I have dubbed the Young Princes of Scarborough.

These were all pretty much self-generated ideas, so taking an implied suggestion from my sister, or anyone for that matter, was a bit of an adventure in and of itself.

But I have always loved the challenge of the blank page, which is why I got into advertising, and so decided to create a little story line to go with this delightful image.

I named this fellow Jakob. I named the organization he represented The Carrot Hotline. This came about directly because the image itself inferred that Jakob was very much on his way somewhere with a genuine sense of urgency propelling him.

The Carrot Hotline was, albeit cliched, a direct reference to the fabled perceived food of choice for rabbits. In actuality it could have also been called the Lettuce Hotline. But carrots have a je ne sais quoi quality about them that makes lettuce look dull by comparison.

I have only done eight installments of of this particular meme series so far. And like the other series, I’m interested to see how far it can go before I run out of gas.

Carrot Hotline3Carrot Hotline2Carrot HotlineCarrot Hotline 4

Carrot Hotline 7.pngCarrot Hotline 5.pngCarrot Hotline 6.pngCarrot Hotline 8.png

Carrot Hotline12.pngCarrot Hotline11.pngCarrot Hotline10.pngCarrot Hotline 9.pngCarrot Hotline14.pngCarrot Hotline15.pngCarrot Hotline13.pngCarrot Hotline16.png

The point of these memes is not so much to create one that goes on forever, but to use them to tell a story or make some points or clarify some issues or shoot someone right between the eyes (figuratively speaking of course), while all the while avoiding becoming dull or repetitive.

I personally find this mode of communication ideally suited to the nano second attention spans of the masses of people out there who consume information like junkies and remember a staggeringly small percentage of it.


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