Your Top 7 For This Week. A Little Fun. A Little Controversy.


Hey everybody:

If you start to sense a bit of a theme in this week’s Top 7, it’s really just a partial echo of what’s happening on LinkedIn. I’m nothing if not topical. The anger/frustration/despair level among people (both writers and, judging from a long conversation I had yesterday with the owner of LI’s largest independent group, group owners/managers too) is reaching new heights.

My contact in the nest of the Mighty Hamsters tells me that the tricky business is balancing the needs of the writers and group owners with the needs of the readers and group members.

Oooo, I feel the unmistakable presence of smoke being blown up my kilt.

It’s actually gotten to the point now where I’m more or less back into crusader mode. Not that this will do any good, but my mother always advised me to avoid keeping things bottled up inside, so I’ll be damned if I get an ulcer or worse over the kindergarten antics of, well, anyone and that includes the aforementioned gerbil like creatures.

But that’s neither here nor there, as the cliche goes. I’m still kickin’ ass and takin’ names and learning the ins and outs of some of the other places where I can find some followers, like beBee and Medium.

Here’s your posts…some of this stuff needs to be said right about now, so these folk are sayin’ it.

The Dignity of Traditional Advertising by Patric Scullen

MY COMMENT: Very succinct and to the point, unlike my stuff that rambles all over the damn place. I do believe that the negative perception of digital advertising in endemic to the medium itself, which is very much a ‘hurry up’ environment. But I also believe that a lot of its shortcomings have to do with the experience base of the people who create the bulk of these ads and their a) lack of grounding in the basics if communication and b) their disdain for same. Great piece, Patrick. Some good learning and a real human message.”

LinkedIn Is 277% More Effective Than Just About Everything. Wait, What? by Bruce Johnston

MY COMMENT: This post is 277% more effective at debunking the bullshit myth it was intended to debunk than two guys talking about it over burgers at Sonic in Los Angeles in 2014. Or good post Bruce. I have gotten to the point where I just don’t believe anything, so anything that when something actually turns out to be true or even close to true, I get a little tingle up my spine. One thing that is true is that this will be in my Top 7 next week. I know it will be all of a week old, but i think it will still have some relevance. 🙂

Yes My Friends, Time To Let Go This Site! by Pierre Frenette

MY COMMENT: Pierre. This was very impassioned writing. I have never been one to judge anyone on the quality of their grammar. People who live in glass houses and all. I’m sad to see that another voice is disappearing. There’s been a lot of that going on these days. At the end of the day, LinkedIn is not much different than any other social media site. A code of conduct would be impossible to enforce. And the simple fact is that there are a great many sub-humans out there, many of them clinging tenaciously to outmoded right wing values. And this situation is not getting better, it’s getting worse. Best of luck. If you want to write, you can always post on beBee. That site hasn’t been contaminated yet.

Why I’m Switching To WordPress To Post by Cory Galbraith

MY COMMENT: Right with you, Cory. Started getting back into it regularly about a month ago. Good post. Funny, because that’s how I started and was reasonably happy. Now after two years of pretty much going through the same thing as you have I’m right back there. Life really is a circle. Message me a link to your WP blog and I’ll follow you. Mine is

11 Tips for Using Medium Better by Michael Spencer

This is a rare exception to my anti-listicle philosophy. But I think Michael has given us some very good learning here.

MY COMMENT: Hi Mike, I have added this to my Top 7 for this week. I think it’s important for people who are blogging here on LinkedIn and getting a fraction of the engagement that their posts deserve, to have good knowledge some of the alternative posting sites that exist out there. So thanks for posting this. The information and insight goes a long way towards demystifying Medium. I have actually been posting there for a few months, but don’t really have a very good idea of what I am doing. This clears up a lot of the mystery.

Jakob, The Carrot Protecting Bunny…An Exercise In Storytelling by Me.

This is exactly what it is. I’m a big fan of memes and since I have some design skills, I create a lot of my own. I have done several serialized memes. I like this one, because it’s basically taking one image and creating world around it in words. For a writer, this is great fun. I have created one meme every day since I started and I did two yesterday. I’m not sure how long this series will go on, but if you’re curious, bookmark this post and check back every few days, because I will update it.

After Dark: Roar And Be The Lion You Are by Alan Geller

MY COMMENT: Hey Alan, thanks for the shout out/feature placement this week. Not my most flattering selfie, but what the hell. I do slide though the column every week, but generally am so blown away at the end of the experience that I forget to make a comment. To make amends I have added this to my Top 7 this week, which should be good for at least half a dozen more views, if we’re lucky. It is LinkedIn after all, where management is bound and gagged in the executive washroom and the algorithm is making all the decisions and hates anyone who is not a robot or cyborg.

Well, that’s it for this week. Over the coming weeks I will be ranging a bit and including some of the interesting posts I find on beBee and Medium as well. Because a lot of good writers are migrating there and I don’t want to lose track of them.

It’s a sad statement about the current state of affairs here on LinkedIn. But this is all their own doing, and I while they probably won’t end up crashing and burning, there really is a lack of vision here. Too bad, because a good portion of the user base call themselves ‘visionaries’. Maybe they should be hired to sort this mess out.


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