The Sunday Sermon From The Dining Room Table …This Is Me, Maxed Out On Bullshit.


Anybody who knows me or has read a lot of my posts knows that my Achilles’ Heel is a hypersensitivity to bullshit, in any number of areas of life. This is not the first time I have written about bullshit and it probably won’t be the last.

I was standing in a rather long line at the grocery store this morning and chatting with a guy who was holding four quarts of chocolate milk.

He was telling me that he had tried all kinds of stuff to revitalize himself after a workout, even stuff his doctor recommended and that after going through a ton of bullshit, he ended up realizing that chocolate milk was all he needed.

Of course that got me thinking about bullshit. And when I did start thinking about it, it came to me very clearly that I am pretty much maxed out on it. And by that I mean that there is no room at all in my brain for more.

This is discouraging because before I maxed out on it, and my bullshit tank wasn’t full, I used to feed on it. For the most part I found it amusing. People in a state of self-delusion can be quite funny, depending on how you look at them. Businesses selling snake oil pretty much the same.

But like the old expression goes ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. So as I got maxed out, and it didn’t really happen overnight, my amusement with this staggering amount of self-delusion and various types of snake oil started turning to a form of agitation.

Oh No…Here Comes The Donald Trump Rant!

Sorry to disappoint you. But it isn’t about Trump. It’s about the people who seem to have elevated him to this god-like status, when in actual fact, he is the poster boy for scum-sucking capitalist greed. It’s not his fault. He’s not putting on an act. He’s really like that.

The bullshit part is my failure to understand, how, in any well ordered and logical universe, he has managed to mesmerize as many people as he has. I don’t think these people are all stupid. A good number of them are, but I have also heard from people who appear to be fairly intelligent who think that a Trump presidency would be a good way to go. And this is the thing that bothers me the most.

It’s a classic case of trying to fix a country that isn’t really broken. It may be a bit dilapidated, but it’s a hell of a lot better off than it was 8 years ago, when it was a complete disaster.

So there’s a whole lot of that kind of bullshit that’s pushing against the roof of my skull.

Oh No… Here Comes The LinkedIn Rant!

Sorry to disappoint you again, but I have gotten past that. Mainly because there’s no point in worrying about something you have no control over. You can comment on it. But care about it? I don’t know. It’s just more bullshit.

Fact is that LinkedIn will either pull up its socks and get back on track or it will go sailing ass-first down the slippery slope it built by forgetting what’s important in this pathetic medium called social.

But, in the last 7 or 8 months, there’s been enough LinkedIn bullshit floating around in my head to kill a healthy horse.

On No…Here Comes The Digital Marketing Rant!

Sorry to disappoint you yet again, but I was fortunate enough to discover and start following a man named Bob Hoffman, an activity which has actually been extremely beneficial to me. (Bob Hoffman, Type A Group, San Francisco)

Every weekend I get a little newsletter from Bob in which he dissects, and very skillfully, the bullshit of digital marketing. And believe me, the bullshit level in this medium is so far off the charts, they don’t have paper big enough to draw a line to the top of it.

So I’m happy to report that, thanks to Bob and some of the other smart people I have read lately, my head is basically safe, for the time being, from actually exploding.

The Sad Part

The sad part of all of this, and I have tried to express it in a relatively lighthearted way, is that we have created so much bullshit that it’s almost impossible to get through a single day with out the thought popping into your head that something is bullshit.

You know what I’m talking about.

Knowledge Is Power

Many of you are probably experiencing the same accumulation of bullshit in your head. And I’ll tell you, depending on your pain threshold, it can be a pretty hairy thing.

I would strongly advise you to do something like what I have done here. As a writer, I tend to use writing not just to communicate, but to exorcise demons. Or bullshit. Or deep rooted psychoses. It’s a very healthy activity. Like crying. Or letting out a primal scream.

The bullshit isn’t going anywhere. Whether it’s fundamentalist religion, the price of stuff you need, a neighbor who is an idiot, distracted drivers, mindless reality TV shows, politics, crime…take your pick, there is an ever growing bullshit component attached to each one.

So to keep your sanity, because that’s what it goes for first if you let it, you need to find the outlet or influence or process that helps you somehow dissipate all this bullshit.

I know that’s not an easy task. It took me a while to figure it out for myself, but writing this piece is the equivalent of a couple grand in therapy.

I feel your pain. We’re all suffering to varying degrees from bullshit-itis. But there is no universal cure. You have to design your own.

Good luck with that, and I mean that most sincerely.


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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Sermon From The Dining Room Table …This Is Me, Maxed Out On Bullshit.

  1. Very good one on BS..haha.It is true that at any step you can find a lot of BS which can lead one down a path of fools aka The Donald ( this amazes me) or into the big pen of Online BS with LinkedIn and their fantasy claims. At the end of the day reality will bite when faced with a lot of BS…so understanding it’s existence can help live with all the BS around… Just my thoughts.. Thanks Jim

    1. Right on Donna-Luisa. I think a lot of people who don’t have good bullshit radar end up getting really depressed because they have no way to exponge it from their systems. Hopefully these posts help make people aware of that issue. Cheers, Jim

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