Top 7 Special Edition. Blasts From The Past Part 1.

One of the things they teach kids in school these days is that they should not be obsessed with winning. Yet when they get out of school they are constantly confronted with the concept of winners or losers just about everywhere they go.

I have spend pretty much all of my adult life competing to be the best in some way or other. Right up until about 10 years ago, when I woke up one morning with a headache from all the thinking I was doing about some project or other and said, WTF.

One of the bloggers I read regularly and quite enjoy has a link down at the bottom of the signature area of his post that asks you to go and vote for him to be nominated as one of LinkedIn’s top voices. I actually never really noticed it until Phil Friedman brought it up in a comment.

The reason that I never noticed it is because I don’t think about the ideas that other people choose to communicate as having any sort of ranking relative to each other. To me this makes no sense. Because if you extend out the win/lose axiom, then voting for someone means that everyone you didn’t vote for is a loser.

That’s OK in an area where you only need one thing. One person. One book. One movie… whatever. But for me it’s not OK when it comes to things like blogging.

I only have one criteria for the posts that I read and that it this. Did this post mean something to me?

It sounds very ‘Me, me, me, it’s all about me’. But when I look around I don’t see anybody else reading the post but me. So when you think about it, this business of reading posts is all very personal.

Did this mean something to me in terms of enhancing my understanding of the subject matter the writer was blogging about?

Did this mean something to me in terms of my getting to understand that writer a little better?

Did this mean something to me because it was an interesting take on some stuff I know a bit about?

Did it mean something to be because I admired some quality that it had? Cynicism, honesty, wisdom, satire etc.

All of these dimensions are the things that bounce around in my head when I read a post. I pretty sure they bounce around in your head too. If not, maybe they should.

Anyway, this is all in aid of what follows which are not really the Top Posts from all the ones I have collected since I started this column back in August of 2015.

These are simply 10 of the pieces that really meant something to me. They were chosen simply by going through the columns and going “Aha”. There is no rationale other than that. And there certainly is no ranking. The posts I did not choose are not losers. Because every one of the posts I have published have meant something to me.

These are just the first batch that you might like to read again, or if you’re new in these here parts, discover.


The amazing Ian Merlin has just done another fascinating and rich post on the subject of ‘depth’. Ian writes very poetically and thoughtfully about the communication business, having been a genuine agency superstar for many years.


David Gray is a writer, thinker and all round smart advertising guy who works out of Scandinavia. Like Gary Sharpe, David cuts through a lot of crap and debunks a few myths about content marketing and reinforces my theory that ad guys make great bloggers.


My daughter, Star is a writer like her old man. Only she’s gone the literary route, and has been responsible for a prodigious output of very interesting work in the form of poems, short stories and a couple of novels. She has secured representation from a literary agency in London England and has a contract to publish her first novel by a major publisher in Canada. She is an Energizer Bunny with amazing optimism (unlike her old man), and a very concrete vision of what she wants her writing to say.


This is an outstanding piece of human speak by Trent Selbrede. It actually mirrors my own feelings. As I get older, people start dropping out of the living world and I’m always at a loss for what to say to the people close to them. Now I know why. So in that regard, this was very informative to me. As a piece of writing, it’s excellent. You should be very proud of this. A lot of times, even ‘dark’  emotions help us create beautiful things. Which is what you have done here. Thanks.


This piece, by Damir Ferenc,  is short and very to the point regarding knowledge and what to do with it. My comment on this post was “Wowee Damir…that’s freakin’ brilliant thinking.” And that’s because it was.


Milos is an amazing dude who writes about a very wide array of things with passion, sophistication and soul. He is one of my favourite writers on LinkedIn and one of the few I follow closely who live outside my own world of marketing and advertising. In his work you can see many things. His fascination with the world. His passion for science. His dedication to helping people learn to deal with those things that are holding them back and preventing them from really spreading their wings and flying. Just read it, you’ll see what I mean.


Patrick Scullin is an agency owner based in Atlanta. If I ever decided to go back into the agency business, I’d be talking to Patrick about a job, because they do really good stuff. And that would also I imagine, judging by Patrick’s writing, that it would be a very congenial working environment.

Phil is a writer I like and respect enough to share a sort of bi-weekly column with. He lives down in Florida and is in the boat consulting business. But he is also one of those guys who is famous for his deep understanding about how things work here at LI. He has also created an alternative blogging site called the World Wide Authors Conspiracy.  Anyway, Phil’s a good shit and great writer whom you will enjoy reading and that’s what this is all about. I found this posted in the group Publishers & Bloggers, along with umpteen other articles by Phil.

This is a great article on team building by Justin Bariso, using the example of what is definitely the most talented team in the NBA and arguably the most exciting team to watch in all of pro sports right about now. I know a lot about the NBA, having been a serious fan for years, and Justin’s analysis of the things that Golden State’s management did to put this kind of team together is both thorough and insightful. Anyone involved in management at any level will get a lot of good learning here.\

And last but not least (see preface) this was the kickoff post to my series entitled Reflections On Being A Writer In The 21st Century, which is kind of self-explanatory. Since I wrote this there have been about 17 sequels. Guess I have a lot of reflections.

Alrighty then. hope you enjoy/re-enjoy as the case may be. I have to get back to work.


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