Ladies & Gents…I Am Proud To Introduce Your Stellar Top 7 For This Week.


I don’t know about you but for early March in my corner of the planet, it’s unseasonably warm. So I am sitting here with the windows open wide, airing out the house and hoping this beautiful weather hangs around for a while.

BAD COFFEEOne of the things I did this week, in addition to picking up a nice piece of writing business with my pal Rahul Pereira, who has a visual concept for this company’s marketing that just kinda blew me away, was make a decision.

And that decision is simply that I am more or less officially out of the hard core LinkedIn criticism business…in my own long format posts at least. Phil Friedman and I may still go at it here and there, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the die was cast with the company’s huge stock price drop in Q4 of last year, and that they should do whatever they need to do to get that back on track or slide all the way down the slippery slope they are on.

If they don’t, people will just leave anyway. Nothing I can say will do anything to alter that.

LI’s getting back on track may very well include some innovations that will benefit independent writers, as I have certainly forwarded my contact in the Hamster world a ton of brilliant suggestions from people all over LI.

But I’ve been doing too much LI bashing lately and actually had half a dozen people ask me if I was depressed. LOL. I’m not depressed at all. Because if you’ve ever hammered on something like LinkedIn, you will find that its actually quite exhilarating.

But all good things must come to an end. I’m not promising an absolute end but we shall see. In the meantime, here are seven bright pennies to fill up your dance card.

Thursday’s Thoughts: How to Turn a Human into a Crankasaurus
By Susan Rooks (The Grammar Goddess)
My Comment: Very good Susan. I like that you are keeping your paragraphs short and showing respect for the huddle masses of cell phone users. I do have a feeling however, that Customer Service falls into the dreaded 80/20 Rule of just about everything that states that 80% of all companies have crap customer service. And you were lucky to find one that both did and didn’t.
Anyway you’re due for a Top 7 posting and this piece has some good learning for large companies…not that they will be learning it. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Read Susan’s Post

Richard Branson’s Galactic PR Problem & Lessons for CEOs by David Grinberg

My Comment: Outstanding analysis David. You know, as I read this it just kind of felt that this whole re-launch event was rather forced and only served to underline its basic over-the-topness. I admire people like Branson for wanting to use their billions try and expand human possibilities, but the skeptic in me always seems to end up questioning the real motivation. Power and money. Or conversely, money and power. I read a lot of mystery novels and it’s always about following the money.
Read David’s Post

The Wisdom of Kurt Vonnegut by Patrick Scullin

My Comment: KV was one of the reasons I became a writer. I have always lived by one of the quotes you wrote above….“I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different.”  At least 100 more people should see this post so I will put it in next week’s Top 7. Thanks for posting Patrick. You have a pretty cool jib cut yourself.
Read Patrick’s Post

Your Untold Story, How To Say It In a Blog (Beyond Books and Movies) by Karthik Rajan.

My Comment: Excellent post Karthik. Like you I enjoy writing about writing, and so was naturally drawn to this. When I was younger I loved the movies, but lately I find that reading a novel is a much more vivid experience. And definitely w much better way to learn about storytelling. I do agree on the why factor, but in my experience a lot of people are also quite interested in the ‘how’.
Read Karthik’s Post

Why We Fail by Dov Gordon

My Comment: Interesting piece, Dov Gordon. A lot of people on this site always seem to be preaching about success, and all the how to’s involved with that. I like the idea that you come at it from the other angle. It’s more confrontational in a way, but there are also a lot of people who need a little shot upside the head to wake them up. It also fits beautifully into the profile I have developed for a weekly re-post column I do, called The Top 7. So I’m not clicking the share button and passing it on, but reposting the link in my column on Wednesday, and passing it on that way. Cheers, Jim Murray.
Read Dov’s Post

Member Of The Tribe by Ms Shelley Brown

My Comment: This is a beautiful story Ms Shelley. I was enthralled. And I’m not easy to enthral having the attention span of a copywriter. Getting to know people from other ‘worlds’ is one of the great joys of living on this planet as you so wonderfully illustrate. I will be honored to put this in the Top 7 for this week. And even though I’m not big on ranking, this is one of the best posts I have read in a long time. I’m proud of you Ms Shelley, this is writing on the kind of level I love.
Read Ms Shelley’s Post

Girl Scout Cookies: It’s Complicated by Thomas Jackson

My Comment: Beautiful, Thomas…the symbology is not lost on me. Isn’t the Girl Scout motto, Always Do Your Best? Maybe that’s why their cookies are so good. I think the girls who do the best are the ones who go door to door. PS Top 7 for you and the girls, little boobies and all.
Read Thomas’ Post

Well that wraps it up for this week. Next week is March break, but I have a lot of work to get done over the next couple weeks, and my lovely wife wants to paint the downstairs bathroom. Again. Oi! So we’ll see what we can do, but it’s likely a new Top 7 won’t materialize till  March 23.  Have a great March break next week and keep the faith.

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