The Trump For President Saga…The Worse It Gets The Better It Is

This is an update of a post I wrote back in August of last year. For anyone who has been following US politics, all I can say is that whatever you see written hear has become worse by a factor of 10. To call this man a pig is an insult to pigs everywhere.



Tsufit, author and proprietor of the Step Into The Spotlight group wrote a post on Pulse yesterday that asked “What is the APPEAL of the Donald Trump BRAND?”

Well, since I am one of the more fervent of the Trump followers, I thought I might offer a brief comment.

Sadly or maybe not, I am incapable of brevity, so my response got away from me a bit. But of course, the upside of that was the old twofer, a long comment, but a shortish post.

Last week I watched the CNN interview with Donald Trump, mainly because, for some strange reason CNN was pretty much all we could get on the TV at the resort where I was staying. My wife was sitting back in a big easy chair doing some needlepoint and every once in a while, I would hear her remark… “Whoa…he’s really nuts, isn’t he?”

I could not disagree.

I think the Donald Trump phenomenon says more about the state of American politics than anyone wants to admit. I also think that the famous quote “America always does the right thing, but only after exhausting every other possibility”, applies here in spades.

The Post I Wrote On Facebook After The Trump CNN Interview

Watched the Donald Trump interview on CNN tonight. You know, in little sound bytes, he is kinda funny. But over a whole hour you start to really see what a total jerkoff he actually is. Insanity coupled with monumental egotism.

The American people have had to have reached an incredible level of frustration with the Republican party for them to be rallying around this maniac. You have my deepest sympathy. Go Bernie Sanders.

My Friend Robert Wright’s Comment On My Facebook Post

“In Roman times there was a horse called Incinatus which belonged to the Emperor Caligula. There was uproar when it was learned by the Roman Senate that Caligula intended to make the horse a Senator… When I saw Trump preen his own mane, describing himself as the most militaristic person in the room, who would further build the military to defend America, …the story of Incinatus, the horse becoming a Senator, seemed a fitting comparison.”

My Comment On Tsufit’s Post

The appeal of the Trump brand (and I am really beginning to dislike the word ‘brand’ for some reason), is based on a combination of frustration, desperation and a fundamental lack of dynamic competition in the race for the Republican nomination.

I think that deep down inside people do not see Trump having much of a chance at actually becoming president. I feel they are just enjoying the show. After all, it is summertime. The NFL and the new TV shows haven’t started yet, and frankly, everybody likes to stop and look at a train wreck. I know I do. And I have been watching him every chance I get. The more I see, the more asinine he becomes. He is a caricature, which means, at the end of the day, that he is not real.

Republicans are an extremely frustrated bunch in America. They have been split by the Tea Party, which has moved the center farther to the right, so now it’s harder to be a moderate conservative.

Trump is straddling the line between heavily conservative and radical conservative, and as such is attracting a lot of attention. He’s telling everybody what they want hear, but has no real plan in place for whatever he is espousing.

He is also, bit by bit, alienating any base of support that he may have, just by speaking his mind. Because, at least according to what I hear, he is a bigot, and elitist, a racist and misogynist, among other things.

The only good thing about Donald Trump is that he is a one-person shining example of just what is wrong with the American political system. It is not unlike the Miss America pageant which Trump no longer hosts, in that it has become a TVQ contest. And let’s face it, who has more TVQ than the Donald?

Don’t Get Me Wrong Here

I have a grudging respect for what Trump is trying to do, which is wake people up, and on that level he’s doing an outstanding job. It will be interesting to see what happens as the nomination push comes to shove.

But sooner or later his platform has to be much more substantial than what it appears to be right now, and I don’t think he understands all that that entails.

Good question, though. Tsufit. Politics in America is the best reality show on TV.

I will continue to look for Trump sightings, especially now that he is wearing his goofy baseball cap that really makes him look his age.

I love America. It’s the entertainment capital of the world. And they just keep on proving it.

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