The New World Order. It Seems Less Far Fetched With Every Passing Day


I read a lot of espionage fiction. Got hooked way back with John le Carre and Robert Ludlum and carried on from there. Vince Flynn (RIP) … David Baldacci … Alex Berenson … Brad Thor …  Stuart Woods … The list goes on.

In a lot of these works of fiction there is usually some pretty high level skullduggery at work. Corrupt government agencies. Or even better, a secret society of really rich guys who get together, in Lucerne Switzerland or somewhere even more out of the way, and discuss how they are going to take control of the world.

Most of these scary groups are associated with something called the New World Order. And it’s probably the biggest conspiracy theory going.

But the more I look around, the less inclined I am to believe it’s a theory.

Among other things, the Shapers Of The New World Order thrive on controlling markets. They do this by destabilizing economies and a lot of short selling and other forms of manipulation of the zillions of shares of stock that they hold in thousands of multinational corporations.

They destabilize economies by funding coups against the existing governments. They also destabilize regions by funding terrorist organizations, who prey upon the feeble minded, the damaged and the marginalized to fill their ranks. Basically disposable bodies.

The only thing that the writers I read are never really clear about is the why.
Why, when you have more money than you know what do do with, would you want to have a hobby like fucking up the world?

The only reason I can think of is power. Having the final say. Shaping the future of a country or region or a hemisphere, just because, as a collective entity, you can.

People have lusted after power since the beginning of recorded history. Building kingdoms, both religious and otherwise, just for the sake of building them.

At the top of these schemes there is little or no regard for human life. It’s almost as if these people see themselves as gods in some sick perverted way.

And it goes on and and on and on. And nobody ever really questions it, because these really rich guys, who are the Shapers Of The New World Order also own and control the media. They basically hire miniature versions of themselves to report the news, build a following and get a little bit of power, never a lot, because, after all, they are just slightly larger than the rest of us.

The big question that people always ask about conspiracy theories is how they can keep all this chaos that they are creating so private.

Don’t forget these people are smart. They control the people who work for them by offering them exactly what they are looking for and making them feel like they are part of the New World Order themselves.

One of those little people who are under the control of the Shapers Of The New World Order is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is perfect for them. Because he works for them, building stuff and needs them in order to stay as rich as he is, which is nowhere near as rich as they are. But that’s the game.

Another quality that Trump has is that he is a showman. He can get weak minded people to believe anything he says, even when he’s saying nothing at all.

But the thing they like the most about Trump is that he is hopelessly addicted to himself. He is a supreme narcissist. He needs power like a junkie needs heroin.

That’s a bonus for the Shapers Of The New World Order, because they didn’t have to offer him anything. They just said, go, Donald. Because fucking up America is really as high as you can get in terms of control.

Does this make Donald Trump one of the Shapers Of The New World Order?

Not hardly. He’s just a court jester. A means to an end for the really rich guys. And so far he’s doing a very good job. He spews hatred, preaches the politics of division, condones violence, listens to no one, and never stops spewing lies.

And all the pathetic people who show up at his rallies are enthralled. Because small things amuse small minds. And bullshit baffles brains.

So that’s the anatomy of the New World Order conspiracy theory, complete with a present day example of it in action.

My hope is that America is a lot smarter than it looks on CNN every night and I have a feeling it might be.

But that doesn’t change anything. The Shapers Of The New World Order can at the very least say, that they managed, with their little puppet with the worlds world’s toupee, to basically destroy the Republican party.

It’s not the big prize, but then you can’t win them all, even if you think you’re a god.


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