A Most Unusual Day


This is the third in what I have just discovered is a series of pieces on an intellectual cleanse that I appear to have gone through over the past week or so. If you are interested, here are the other two pieces.
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Today is Saturday March 19, 2016 There was nothing particularly unusual about it. Or was there?

I slept a little later than usual. Rode down to the Cobs bakery on Queen Street to get some Capeseed buns and a baguette. Made some coffee and toast and did a couple hours work on a web site project that Rahul Pereira and I are working on. Had a great chat with my daughter who came over for lunch. Went for a long ride and did some shopping. Went out for dinner with my wife and daughter, who for some reason , stuck around all afternoon. Came home and watched some basketball, because the girls went to a lecture at U of T.  Did my exercises while I watched an episode of Second Chance. Laid flat out on the floor of the family room for an hour and stared at the ceiling.

Then I came upstairs and started to write this post.

What was unusual about today, and really unique in this regard, was that today my mind was, creatively speaking, a virtual blank page.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt this way. There was always something going on in my head. Some Machiavellian scheme. Some thought that I wanted to develop into a blog post. Some lyric line that I wanted to blow out into a whole song. Some strange mystery plot that I could expand out into a treatment. Something. Always something.

But today there was absolutely nothing.

I can’t tell you how relaxing this day was. A whole day with, quite literally, nothing on my mind. A whole day when everything I did was pretty much routine, pleasant…fun even.

A whole day without any angst. Without any anger about all the shit going on in the world that was bugging me. Without any thoughts of the pressures of day to day life. Without any real concerns for anything at all.

It was like I was walking around in a beautiful bubble that was keeping anything and everything from touching me.

This day, I’m pretty sure, was a gift that I virtually and unconsciously gave to myself as the direct result of focusing really hard on purging my mind of a lot of the crap that was polluting it.

The stuff that was making me feel frustrated, betrayed, angry, victimized and otherwise persecuted by forces over which I had no control, but has been raging against nonetheless for who knows how long.

So what’s the point? Well, the way I see it is that I have managed, and I don’t really know how, to create a blank page in my head. There is honestly nothing in there except the thought I am expressing right at the moment.

Should I be worried? Maybe. But it doesn’t feel that way. I don’t feel exhausted or worn out or burned out. I just feel like I have turned a corner and left a behind a huge street fight, filled with asshole politicians, incompetent social media web site owners, bad television programs, terrible music, pontificating morons and a whole lot of the other flotsam and jetsam that was cluttering my mind and which had created a real sense of unease there.

But today I am an empty vessel. And as such, I am resolved to start filling it up with better things there were in there before.

Do I know what they are? No clue. Not yet anyway. But these things have a way of coming to you. All you have to do is make yourself available. So that’s my new job one.

Saturday March 20, 2016. It certainly was a most unusual day.


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