Five Authors I Read All The Time. And Strongly Recommend.


Unlike the last couple of years, this year seems to be picking up steam a lot faster and a lot sooner for me business-wise. This, of course means I have less time to peruse the Mighty Hamster Haven of Lumped In for acorns of wisdom, insight and fine writing.

So I have downsized to 5 posts, which, for the foreseeable future, should be quite manageable.

This week, although I have been a bit swamped with paying work, I want to showcase the people who have been my personal favourites over the course of doing this column. These of course are not the only people. Just the ones that came to mind immediately. I will, from time to time, do more of these, showcasing other writers I have come to know and appreciate here in the Lumpy Kingdom.

Next week I will get back into my usual rhythm of discovery.

Also, while I’m at it, I’d like so give a shout-out out to some of the people, who, like me, are moving the work of good authors here and there to help them increase their exposure and build their networks.

1. Phil Friedman…my friend and part time partner in crime here in the Lumpy Kingdom. His site WWACO…(World Wide Author’s Conspiracy) is a place where you can post a link to your Pulse blog page.

2.  Paul Drury whose site, does the same, linking your LI profile pic on his site to your Pulse inventory page.

3. Richard DiPilla, a LI Ambassador, who will forward a link to your LI Pulse posts out to his network of close to 60,000 readers. Richard is a cool and generous dude.

4. Javier Cámara Rica whose site will shortly be opening a publishing platform, will attract thousands of great writers from the Lumpy Kingdom and other places. There are already 10 million beBee members and that number is growing exponentially.

5. Itai Lisham…whose innovative thinking has created a great blogging platform within LinkedIn in the form of a group called New Post Published.

6. All the other groups in the Lumpy Kingdom that promote the world of and build networks between good writers. Writers4Writers, Enjoy Pulse Views, Reviews & Linmail Pro, Publishers & Bloggers and u! TM, to name but a few.

Together all these groups are working to counter the effects of LinkedIn’s crap management of the Pulse platform, and doing a hell of a job. There’s no gratification quite like beating the dinosaur at its own game.

So here are some of the peeps I love to read.

Phil Friedman
Phil and I have only known each other for about a year, but it feels like a lot longer. We talk by inmail almost every day. He and I have partnered on a series of posts in which we vigorously attack stupid stuff. These are called He Said He Said, and they are basically posts that we write in about a day and half trying to simulate a conversation in written form. We have both come to love it.  Phil has one of the sharpest writer minds of anyone I have ever met. He is a professional writer like my but he works primarily in the boating industry. But his personal posts, which he publishes occasionally, are quite deep and full of well-expressed meaning and insight. This is one of my favorites.

Reaching Beyond Me

Milos Djukic
Milos is a rare breed in that he is both an accomplished scientist and a true philosopher. I met Milos through the Unfluencer group here in the Lumpy Kingdom, and I marveled at the way he looks at the world. He has a definite talent for elevating ideas to an almost spiritual plane. And this is something that a lot of writers and would-be writers can appreciate and even aspire to.

I’ll be Back, Innovation in Self Leadership
Shelley Brown
Ms Shelley is one of my biggest fans and I am one of hers. She’s a Chicago girl who, like Donna Luisa (below), is very much a natural story teller. She writes in a loose almost careless style that is quite disarming, and really draws you into her stories. Although we have never met personally, I can can tell that she is a little Energizer Bunny. You can feel the sparks fly off her writing and really sense the joy she takes in doing it. In that regard she is like a lot of the writers I have come to love here in the Lumpy Kingdom. But in another, she is one-of-a-kind.

I’m reposting this piece, which many of you may have already seen, because it’s one of beautiful example of  Ms Shelley at her best.

Member of the Tribe

Donna Luisa Eversley
Donna-Luisi is a Caribbean lady who uses blogging as a means of personal expression. She is, by all accounts, a genuinely loving person. And it shows in her writing which always quite lyrical and poetic. She writes a lot about the emotions, but does so in a very lyrical way. Her work flows beautifully and is filled with genuine feeling about the issues she feels strongly about.

As The Story Says

John White
John is one of those guys, who like me, tries to keep things simple and flowing smoothly in his work. This particular post is one I like a lot because it has a good deal of wisdom and insight attached to it. John really understands the concept of networking and has managed to make it work for him, which puts him in a very small minority in the Lumpy Kingdom.

Why I Blog

My hope here is that you will not just enjoy reading the posts I have linked here, but also start following these authors. Because we all know how much crap you have to wade through to get to the good stuff. This will help you cut out at least some of it. Have a great week…Jim.


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