Coming To You Alive & Kicking From WordPress Land

Hey everybody:  As you can see this post is only appearing on my news feed and not on Pulse. I have given up on Pulse, for reasons previously stated.

Part of my rehab is not to dwell on that topic, so I won’t. I have basically gone back to my WordPress site and will be posting at pretty much the same frequency there. If you want to follow me, you’re, by all means, welcome.
I will also be posting on the new publishing platform, which is a few weeks away still.

But just because I’m not posting on Pulse any longer, that doesn’t mean I’m not still doing the kind of stuff I used to do. This is a revamped version of my Top 7. It’s a little busy in my world right now, so I have cut it down to 5.  And what do you know, here they are.

If I Didn’t Care, I Wouldn’t Argue by Jordan Julien

My Comment: Hi Jordan. I’m a friend of Hilton’s. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this piece and agree completely with your point of view, so no arguing there. I’d like to repost this is a weekly top 5 that I do on Pulse, BeBee, Medium and my WordPress site. If you don’t want me to do that. Post a comment and we’ll argue about it.

LinkedIn – You’re Breaking My Heart by Sandra Clark

My Longish Comment: There are clusters of people in groups of about 1000 or 2000 that are active on LinkedIn communicate regularly with each other. Let’s say there are 2000 of these groups. So that makes 4 million people. This is less than 1% of LinkedIn’s entire population. So if you think that LinkedIn is actually paying attention to these clusters, they are, but probably just 1% of the time or less.

I used have certain illusions about LinkedIn as a place to build a solid network and to some extent that’s happened. But honestly with all the changes that adversely affect writers here, the honeymoon is over. All LinkedIn has become for me is one of several places where I post my blogs. Slowly but surely, it’s becoming the least important of those.

LinkedIn really has lost its identity. You know it. I just read all about it. People in my network write about it all the time. And every day, the penny drops for thousands.

Nice piece, Sandra. Very satirical. I like it. The snarkier the better.

Why I Don’t Publish by Amy Blaschka

My Comment: You know, I was thinking about writing a post about how social media activity including blogging can really consume you, so this really resonated. Good for you Amy.  We shall post no blog before it’s time, I like this thought. It will make a great addition to next week’s Top 5. (Down from 7). Cheers, Jim

The Big Leap: How Savvy Companies Are Leveraging Global PR By Cheryl Conner

Cheryl  is a very good connection I have on LinkedIn. She writes a lot of articles for Forbes and other online publications, and she tends, in a lot of cases, to use the people she likes on LinkedIn as resources. I have been lucky enough to be mentioned three times in the past while.  Cheryl likes to write about entrepreneurs and marketing. And her stuff is really packed with a lot of insight and good learning. Like this piece on the pros and cons of global PR.

HALvertising by Ian Mirlin

Ian is one of the most articulate and graceful putters together of words I know. He is an advertising legend round these here parts, and though he does not write a ton of posts, everything he puts up is wonderfully readable and exceedingly literate.

My Comment: You know the same thing happened to the movie business right around the time Industrial Light and Magic was created. After that it was a long and steady downhill slide into effect laden cinematic chaos, which managed to captivate the underdeveloped brains of young humanoids and assorted simpletons while leaving the rest of us wondering what happened to movies. Brilliant piece as usual, sir.

OK So that’s it for this episode. I’m not sure about the frequency of this compilation post. I’ll post it when I have five new good posts to tell you about.

One of the great things about WordPress is that you never have to worry about having your article put into a queue if you don’t leave 48 hours in between posts. This is because, unlike some publishing platforms we know of, WP has its shit together. Oooops sorry, forget I said that.

Have a great rest of the week. And of course, if you like what you see here, I would encourage you to like comment and share it with your network.

JIM JAN 2016

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8 thoughts on “Coming To You Alive & Kicking From WordPress Land

  1. Wise move posting straight from WordPress. Given what LI has done, more readers will likely see posts from WordPress from Pulse.

    But if you really want to get back LinkedIn readers, post a photo of an attractive woman or a Magic Eye. That will get plenty of interaction. LI is now the FB your boss lets you look at.

  2. Good on you, Jim. I am getting weary of articles originating on LinkedIn and then being shared on beBee, so I have started doing some reverse osmosis and have started sharing things that originate on beBee and sharing them on LinkedIn. I am also sharing articles on beBee that originate from sources other than LinkedIn.

  3. Thanks Chas…I am actually planning to do more of this off-LinkedIn sourcing. I’ve read a ton of interesting articles by people who are following me on WP. Glorioski…there is life beyond LinkedIn!

  4. Jim,

    The audience is more important than the platform. To your audience still on LinkedIn, who are members of my group, please share updates there.

    I’m sure your blood pressure is at a healthier level now!


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