Here’s Your Five Easy Pieces For This Week. Hope You Enjoy Them.

The Ugliness Of The MarCom Business by Patrick Scullin

My Comment: Hey Pat…I think we have all run into a bozo or two like that in our careers. I had one for a while. Believe it or not, it took a very attractive account lady to calm him down. LOL. These people are out there, and bluster aside, a lot of them probably have a good point. It’s all in the delivery though…I’ve always believed that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.
You can certainly get a lot more out of your agency by working with them as opposed to making them feel like so many turds. Kudos to you for pointing out that the guy is a dick. Other dicks might not like it, but potential dicks could be dissuaded from entering the Kingdom of the Dick, where they would have to joust with other dicks for the title of Dick Deluxe. Also makes me kinda glad I’m not in the agency business anymore.

I Explain LinkedIn To A New Client. It Doesn’t Go Well by Bruce Johnson

My Comment: This is the best laugh I have had on LinkedIn, maybe ever. Thanks Bruce. This will be in my compilation for next week and notifications will be sent out to literally a ton of ex-LinkedIners whose laughter will reverberate around the world. Brilliant post, my friend. I am jealous but in an admiring way.

The Incredibly Easy Thing You Can Do To Make A Difference In This World by Corey Galbraith

My Comment: Nicely done, my friend. This is the kind of stuff I left Pulse to get back to writing. And I think it’s working. Keep the faith, Cory. People here are getting really tired of the crap. I can smell it. Quality thinking and excellent writing always wins in the end. I’ll put this in the compilation this week and spread it around my WordPress, BeBee & Medium territories.

Tech And Journalism Finally Join Forces to Deliver the Biggest Story of Our Time by Anurag Harsh

My Comment: Great piece, Anurag. When I heard about this I was totally blown away. Movies and HBO series material for years to come. Funnily enough, last night I wrote an editorial entitled “Online Privacy…In The Immortal Words Of Tony Soprano…Fuggetaboutit.” But this event really takes that issue to the extreme. Thanks for posting. Will share this with other poor people. Hope they get to the chapter on Trump about 5 minutes after he receives the Republican nomination. LOL.

My Close Encounter With The Three-Legged Dog by Me

This was the first post I wrote on my mini-sabbatical. It’s based on a true story. And then a series of subsequent observations. I live in an area of Toronto where practically everyone has a dog. And I also live very close to a large dog park. I’ve always been fascinated by the way dogs manage to co-exist, with relatively little strife.
This post was also quite therapeutic because it really did get me totally away from some of the stuff I had been obsessing about over the past several months.

Hope you enjoy these pieces. Nobody here is a first timer. So for the next issue I’m going to try and do a little bit of discovering. Have a great week everybody.


I am a professional communicator, primarily a writer,
and an active observer of the human condition.
I work with primarily B to B clients, large and small to create
hard working communications in whatever sector
of the marketing universe their strategy dictates
the need to travel through.
I am also a mentor, blog editor and a pretty
decent photographer.

All my professional & contact info is on the other end of this link.
Please feel free to check it out.


One thought on “Here’s Your Five Easy Pieces For This Week. Hope You Enjoy Them.

  1. Jim, I’m addicted to your blogs. Looking forward to reading about those discoveries you speak of to write about next. Hoping your week is going well.

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