Welcome To My Trumpathon…Hope You Can Handle It.

Even though I am a Canadian, and happy to be one, I have a life long and abiding interest in politics in the United States, as do many of my countrypersons. Mainly because a lot of what happens to the US usually happens to us about 20 minutes later.

This election year is especially interesting because, for some strange reason, two of the biggest assholes on the planet are running for the leadership of the fractured fairy tale known as the Republican party.

These people, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, are quite a bit to the right of Attilla the Hun and actually have no real hope in hell of actually winning a general election. I don’t care about Ted Cruz. He’s just another Washington butt-wipe Republican. The guy I love to write about is the Trumpanzee.

When he first decided to run for the Republican leadership, I thought WTF. But after watching him for a while, I started to get the feeling that he was serious about this. Now I have always believed that he was an arrogant narcissist who thinks he a lot richer than he actually is.

But this campaign has also shown, just about everybody that he’s also a pretty heavy duty misogynist, racist and bigot, whose ego is so big he believes he can pretty much say anything he wants and people will think the sun shines out his butt.

And that may be true for a fairly substantial number of people, who when totaled up, might just make it to the 20% of my 80/20 Rule of Almost Everything. Which means that even if he does get the Republican nomination, he will get his ass handed to him in a general election.

Anyway, part of the fun and games of having an asshole like Trump out there is a chance to be able to write the odd mini editorial stating my personal feeling about him, and all he stands for, which I’m sorry to say I haven’t been able to figure out yet, because yes he talk a lot and also yes, he actually manages to say very little.

So here, for anyone who is interested, here are some of the mini-editorials I have been posting over the past several months on Facebook. Hope you enjoy them.

HOW TO GET RID OF ALL THE RIGHT WING EXTREMIST APOLOGISTS ON YOUR WALL: 1. Write a post calling Donald Trump misogynist, racist, narcissistic moron.
2. Don’t forget to mention the NRA and KKK, that you have lots of Muslim friends and that you support Israel. 3. Post it. 4. That’s it. Your list will be cleansed of cultural impurities in a jiffy.

12439418_998533470229998_1968292195282858696_nThe Man On The Top Vs The Man On The Bottom

The contrast you see in this image is an indication of several screws that have come loose in the American psyche.

I’m a Canadian, but I follow what goes on in America very closely and what I have seen is that: The man on the top is, objectively speaking, a miracle worker, who took the reins of the country when it was literally circling the drain and brought it back to some semblance of life.

At the same time, the fact that he was an African American slowly brought out the racism in a lot of his political opponents, which, in turn, moved that party even further to the right than they were when the man on the top was elected in 2008.

Slowly but surely, this racism turned to obstructionism and eventually gave rise to the man on the bottom, who really is a poster boy for where the Republican party currently sits.

He is an admitted racist and misogynist. He is anti-Muslim. He is a war monger. He fancies himself a successful capitalist, but has a string of failed businesses and lawsuits to prove otherwise. He is anti-abortion. He has absolutely no filtering mechanism in his brain. He is a bully with no diplomatic skills. He has alienated just about every world leader he would have to deal with as President. He lies constantly. He makes up facts and relies on his gaudy showmanship to get people to believe them. He talks about nothing but himself. He kisses every ass he runs into. His own party hates him.

And yet he is leading the race for the Republican nomination. Because he has an amazing ability to fire up the stupid, the ignorant and the marginalized.

He is the biggest mistake that America has made in its history. But a surprising number of Americans have their heads stuck so far up their own asses that they simply can’t see that.

The man on the bottom will never get to be president. But what he has done is point out how many desperate people there are in America. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear to the majority, or anywhere close, but it’s a big enough number that it should be part of any going forward policies the government makes.

So in a weird way, the man on the bottom, as despicable a human being as he is, is at least shining a light on a serious situation. The light is way too erratic and bright to the point where it’s actually blinding a lot of people to the reality that the man on the bottom may very well be insane.

But these days, you take what you can get. I do believe that history will paint this as a minor turning point in America. Which direction the turn will take them, right now, is anybody’s guess. But for anyone who follows American politics, it’s fascinating to watch.

And of course, every time I do watch, I look skyward to whatever is running the universe and offer thanks that he made me a Canadian.


 Be Careful What You Wish For, Donald

I sincerely hope that Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. Because if he does, he’s doomed two ways. If he has to debate with Bernie Sanders, he will get his ass handed to him on policy issues, mainly because he doesn’t have any policy strategy besides building a wall and kicking Muslims out of the country. If he has to debate with Hillary, he will inevitably make some snide sexist remark that will alienate the other 25% of women in American that he hasn’t already alienated and that will totally screw his chances on a whole other level. And besides, won’t it just be great fun to watch him squirm?


Non-Responsive Trumpanzee

I was just watching some sitcoms here, otherwise known as Trump interviews, and one thing struck me as odder than all the other stuff.

Trump has campaigned on a platform of being the anti-politician, yet every time he is asked a question he hardly ever answers it. Now this is the kind of crap you expect from politicians, but to say that Trump isn’t one of those creeps is just patently wrong.

Also, in the rare instance where he does answer, or seem to, it’s usually some sort of hyperbolic bullshit or an outright lie or fabrication. So it kind of leaves me wondering just how anybody can be supporting him since nobody really has any idea what he’s talking about most of the time. Just sayin’…it’s bewildering


America The Not So Beautiful

I was watching some of these interviews with Trump and Cruz, by so called journalists who talk to these guys like they are actually not batshit crazy and I think, man, what has the world come to where people this weird, in a free democratic society, are taken seriously as candidates for the highest office in the land?

But it’s not really about them. They are what they are, which is shot from guns.

It’s about the ignorance of the people who have put them in a position where they have to be taken seriously. These are the same people who have elected an obstructionist senate and congress and then complain about government gridlock. These are the people who blame Obama for everything and refuse to acknowledge, what the rest of the world clearly sees…that he is an actual miracle worker. Look at the freakin’ stats. (above).

This was really one of the last places that I thought would house an population (not the majority, thank God), of people who have allowed the media to make them ignorant and frightened to the point where they throw their support behind psychotic, racist, narcissistic, fascist clowns like Trump and Cruz

I’d be laughing if it wasn’t all so sad.


Listening Carefully To Trump.

There’s this other site called LinkedIn where I spend some of my time. Yesterday, one of the people there was asking if anybody has ever bothered to really listen to Donald Trump, you know, to hear what he is actually saying.

Well I have. For quite a while now. I’ve just recently stopped, however, because I got sick of him. And frankly, every time I look at him he just gets uglier and starts to sound more like Adolph Hitler.

But as far as the issue of him having anything constructive to say, I can honestly say that I have never heard him actually speak about what we would do for all the people out there cheering for him so loudly.

And I think this is because he has no idea what these people are actually about. He lives in a completely different world from them. He is very much an elitist trying to sound like a regular guy. He doesn’t give a shit about these people. He needs them there to satisfy his addiction to adulation, and to get him the votes he needs to start an American Reich. But other than that…I honestly don’t believe he gives a rat’s ass. Otherwise he would be saying something substantial. Instead of spouting Trumpisms ad nauseam.

He is campaigning under the banner of “Let’s Make America Great Again”. Sorry, asshole, you blew it. Because Obama has already done that.

There is a certain segment of any population who will do whatever the media tells them to do. If the media creates a lot of hype around an event or person, that person or event will get the attention of these ‘sheep’. And that is exactly what has happened here. The media created Donald Trump. And now America has to live with the abomination that this media construct has become.


Note To America

We sent our PM down to meet with your President, just so you can get an idea of how two really cool guys can run great countries without resorting to racial hatred, ethnic profiling, advocating violence and basically acting like spoiled rotten four year olds in a public forum.

If you want your country to grow and prosper over the next four years, keep a democrat in the White House. If you want to go the other way, elect one of the three Republican sociopaths and, oh yeah, don’t forget to kiss your ass goodbye.


I have to tell you all right now, I have officially stopped worrying about what will happen to America if Trump becomes president.

And, honestly, even if he does get elected, he really won’t have a clue what to do. Because it’s nothing like running your own private company where you’re god. The pressure from lobby groups, a wounded Republican party who mainly hate him, and a smart Democratic party who will stick it to him every chance they get, and all the foreign governments who will start banning him from coming to their country will quickly start making him feel like that poor bastard in the movie Alien, who has the little alien monster bust out of his stomach.

Only in Trump’s case it will most likely be his head exploding. Have you ever seen how pre-explosive his head gets when he’s stressed? It’s pretty weird.

So, here I am no longer giving a shit about Trump. You know, it was starting to feel like a bit of an albatross anyway. And besides, baseball season has started. So we need to really keep our priorities in order.



I’m Jim Murray, the guy who wrote this. If you like it,
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9 thoughts on “Welcome To My Trumpathon…Hope You Can Handle It.

  1. Love the graphics! As embarrassing as this situation looks from inside the US, it’s helpful to listen to thinking people from the outside looking in. It would be so easy to tune it all out. Thanks for helping us stay outraged and a little scared. I take some comfort in recalling that in 1992, Ross Perot did rather suddenly drop out. There is still hope …

    1. I grew up in Buffalo and have a lot of American friends, many of whom are embarrassed by the way the Republicans have turned what they consider to be an important process nto a circus sideshow. I have always despised Trump. He is one of the bigger con men in America.

      1. I’m trusting in what remains of our “checks and balance” system to out the con-men! I keep thinking of when I was in Switzerland in late 2004 and people kept asking my why a country with so many educated people could RE-elect George W. Bush? They were baffled. As you said, at least for the last 7 years we’ve had a leader (and his wife) of stature and class. I’m envious you escaped further north.

  2. Lately, when I make the mistake of turning on the news, I depress the hell out of myself. Everything you say is right on and I don’t know why some Americans cannot come to these rational conclusions themselves. Many of us (the ones with IQ’s) have felt our country slipping away. We know how much we’ve gained on so many levels in the past 8 years and really fear what a fractured Republican President could do to set us back decades. Just the advances in medicine have saved thousands of lives. (My husband is one of them.) The research and grants will all but dry up if a Republican is put in office. And we’ve come such a long way on all of the other levels you’ve brought forth. I think I’m a Canadian at heart and I now only watch the BBC news to find out what’s happening.

    1. If it’s any consolation, Claremary, you’re not alone. A lot of Americans are disillusioned by what is happening, especially when you look at the amazing job Obama ad his admin have done holding the country together. I listen to these Republican maniacs trying to tell people this administration is a disgrace, but they never support it with any evidence, and they conveniently forget about all the obstructionism that they practicing for the past 7 years. I don’t believe that the American people will have a lot of faith in anyone who represents the Republicans in this election. Based on the principle of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

      1. Jim, Our only hope is if Trump tears the Republican Party asunder and we end up with Democrats, an actual Conservative Party and a 3rd(hopefully minority) party of the Nut Brigade. We really have become a Corporatocracy and have moved very far from our Democratic ideals. Oh and it is Broke, believe me! When people don’t recognize what has been done to try to get us back on track in the last 8 years, they are truly ignorant and blind and yes, at the bottom of it all is racism.Very troubling!

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