In Keeping With One Of My New Objectives Only One Easy Piece From The Lumpy Kingdom.


As you can tell if you’re reading this, I have moved this column to simply because with the first eight articles I posted there I have literally quadrupled my page views. Engagement is a little harder to come by because it’s so new and I am not well known yet, but that will come.

I officially no longer give a shit about what happens to LinkedIn. I’m not closing my account, but honestly judging from the last few months, things have gone from bad to worse for writers there.

I’m not unsympathetic. I just prefer not to have a dog in this fight any more. They’re either gonna straighten out the mess they have created to turn it into goo. I have no control. None of us do. It’s just the way thing are, and since nobody has offered any sort of plausible explanation, I’m just simply classifying it as a Social Media Area 51.

So moving on…here are some of the better posts I encountered this past week. I hope you enjoy them.

Motivation or Uncertainty, Take Your Pick by James Edward Perez
My Comment: Great Post James…and your name’s not so bed either. What you have pointed out here is arguably the most important lesson that anyone can learn in life or in business. For writers failure is a way of life. I have just watched my daughter go though the process of failing several time before finally finding a literary agent for for first novel. She now has a contract. But the only reason that happened was that she used the rejection to strengthen her pitches and that eventually got to the point where someone said OK. Thanks for the link. This this really good writing. I love it and will repost it in my weekly column on Pulse called 5 Easy Pieces.

Abstracts by Mary Wheeler
My Comment: Very Interesting Mary. Art is your business. And quite honestly it’s something that a lot of people (myself included), know very little about. My grandson is in pre-school, and he is getting an amazing education on art. Right now they’re studying the French Impressionists. And he loves it. This is one hell of a pre-school. Great little post. You’re in look for it next week. Also glad it’s not on Pulse.

Let’s Cook By Chef Rod Loader
My Comment: Great little piece Rod. I actually do most of the cooking at my house except on the weekends, but one day I was making a single sup of drip coffee and knocked it, filled with hot water off the cup. Your brown puddle has nothing on my coffee tsunami…probably a little harder to clean up, but half an hour you will never get back.

Let’s Talk… A Love That Lasts by Donna-Luisa Eversley
My Comment: Very nice piece, Donna, as usual.  Just so you know I have been happily married for more than 40 years…to the same woman. We’ve had some issues, most of them around my stupidity. But it is for better or worse and all that jazz. It’s very hard to get married when you’re young and maybe not so sure what you want.I know a few people who have pulled it off. But not many. It’s the kind of hard work a lot of people can’t manage.

They Notice by Aaron Skogen
My Comment: Beautiful piece Aaron. You have formidable storytelling skills. A great modern day parable on the quiet side of leadership. There are so many people who write about this from a theoretical point of view. It’s refreshing to hear it right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. It adds immensely to the authenticity, which, in my view is becoming a bigger and bigger issue every day in social media.

One For The Pot
Since this is my column, I can’t resist a little self-promotion. But this is also a bit of advice for people writing out there. It’s basically a one pager that gives people a pretty accurate impression of what I am all about. It’s not a resume page, but more like a profile. My personal opinion is that everyone have one of these pieces handy, because you never know when you might run into someone who you can show it to. I actually wrote this for a specific purpose, but liked it and decided to post it as well.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this week. As always, I encourage you to like, comment and most importantly share this post if you actually do like it.

And if you have a post you would like me to consider for an upcoming edition of 5 Easy Pieces, post a Link in the comments section and I will check it out…promise.


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