Starting Over With A New Buzz

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The is the latest post in my perpetually ongoing series entitled: Reflections On Being A Writer in The 21st Century. At some point soon I will have enough of these to make an ebook. A lot of these posts are on LinkedIn, but my hope is to transfer them all here, in as William F. Buckley was fond of saying, ‘the fullness of time’.

Those of you who follow this ongoing rambling narrative that is my blogging will have noticed that it’s been a while since I posted anything of my own on LinkedIn Pulse.

Over the past couple of months, I have had to come to terms with the simple truth that LinkedIn, contrary to what it used to be when I first started posting there, is now no longer any place to build a following for your writing.

Unless of course you happen to be one of the ‘chosen’. These are the Influencers, and most of us with a couple of IQ cells to rub together knows how that works, so I won’t bore you with the sordid details.

About a month ago I made the decision to step away, and not provide LinkedIn with any more of my free content.

Promises Are Cheap in The Lumpy Kingdom

The only reason for posting on Pulse in the first place was what they had offered me and a whole bunch of other people, which was the opportunity to build a following, with the help to their notifications, and maybe even the odd feature promotion.

But over the past several months those promises made to literally thousands of writers all over the world have vanished into the ether.

At first a lot of us worked hard at trying to bring the injustice of all this to LinkedIn’s attention. But that was pretty much a dead horse we were beating on.

So, not being a complete idiot, albeit maybe a little obsessive, I finally realized that I would be much better off going back to my WordPress site and just posting links on LI, which is what I was doing before their publishing platform came along.

I Hear A Buzzing

So that’s what I did. And lo and behold, when one door closed (by my own hand), another opened, in the form of a new publishing platform on

A LI friend, John White, had been hyping this for a while, and so I joined beBee and started posting links to my Pulse posts and WordPress posts on the site. And slowly but surely the followers started to appear.

Then about two weeks ago, Javier Cámara Rica, the CEO of beBee announced that the beta version of their publishing platform was up and running. So I immediately signed up and started figuring out how it worked.

John White, now my friendly neighbourhood beBee ambassador, wrote a couple of very helpful posts and it wasn’t long at all before I had figured out how to make my posts look as good as they could there.

This will be my ninth post on beBee. And while there are still some programming kinks to iron out, I’ve become very optimistic again. In fact, this is actually the first time I have written about LinkedIn in several weeks.

Starting Over…Well Sort Of

So I’m starting over. I have been picking up new followers at an average rate of 7 or 8 a day, and I have also been joining all the beBee hives or groups that are relevant to the content I am posting there.

Having been writing longer format posts for nearly two decades across a number of platforms, I have noticed one very important difference between beBee and LinkedIn.

Maybe it’s just a function of size, but Javier works very hard at being responsive to anyone who sends him a message.

And it’s more than just the responsiveness, it’s the attitude that he genuinely wants input from users, because he knows that a lot of us are experienced bloggers and communicators, and he sees that as a valuable resource.

The difference between Javier’s attitude and Jeff Wiener’s (CEO of LI) is like night and day.

A good friend from the advertising business once told me that the character of a company is, way more often than not, a direct reflection of the character of its owner or chief executive.

I’m Buzzed.

So, in my mind, a good deal of optimism is completely justified. Just as is my decision to stop posting on LI Pulse, which was really getting me nowhere fast.

The hope here is that success will not spoil beBee. But right now, my educated professional guess is that it won’t.

So even though I may be starting on, I’m doing so with my eyes wide open and a real feeling of connectedness to this site that I honestly never felt at LinkedIn.

Everybody makes their own bed on the Big Wide Interweb of Ideas & Stuff. I’ve moved into the beBee bunkhouse and am planning to hang in for spell. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.



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