A Special Edition Featuring 5 Very Easy Pieces By Thomas Jackson

  A Special Edition Featuring 5 Very Easy Pieces By Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson lives in Virginia and works for UPS. For all intents and purposes he is a regular guy as evidenced by his profile:

“Dedicated worker always aspiring to better myself and others along the lines of excellence. The spirit to serve plus the desire to lead and train perpetually merely scratch the surface of accomplishment. There is always room for improvement.”

But he is only a regular guy to the point where he sits down to write his short, laid back, observational posts.

Then he shines. And you can see little glimmers of brilliance. Nothing overpowering, just enough for you to respect the thoughts.

Thomas can be classed as very much an acquired taste. His interests and observations are all over the place. Very much like life.

He has no apparent ulterior motive in mind here. He’s just telling interesting little stories and for that reason, to people like me at least, his work is irresistible.

The word ‘sardonic’ comes to mind when I read Thomas’ stuff. There is real depth to his work, because his art is making it all look shallow. Inviting you to wade in and let the minnows nibble on your toes.

I have met a lot of writers who I really love here. They’re not writing about business and will probably attract huge followings on beBee when they get there or if they are already.

I hope to put together one of these “writer showcases’ every so often. I already have 4 or 5 people in mind.

Call Now! Girls Are Waiting

How Marvel Movies Succeed, How DC Movies Fail

Writing In A Box

Breaking Out in Hives

The Bad Luck Article

Hope you enjoy Thomas’ work as much as I do: You can read more of his stuff, if you’re so inclined at:


  A Special Edition Featuring 5 Very Easy Pieces By Thomas JacksonI am a communications professional. Through my own core skills as a strategist, writer & art director and with the help of a select group of insanely talented associates, I work with primarily B to B clients, large and small to create hard working communications in whatever sector of the marketing universe their strategy dictates the need to travel through. I am also a mentor, blog post editor and a pretty decent photographer.

If you have a marketing or communications challenge you would like to discuss, (no obligation),  there are three ways you can contact me:
Direct Line: 416 463-3475
Email: onandup3@gmail.com
Skype: jimbobmur61

Link To My WP Portfolio Page

Finally, you can download my free ebook, Small Business Communications For The Real World:https://wordpress.com/post/onwordsandupwords.wordpress.com/557


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