Say Hello to Ms Shelley Brown…One Of My Favorite Peeps.

Say Hello to Ms Shelley Brown…One Of My Favorite Peeps.
I can’t remember how Shelley Brown and I managed to hook up here in the Kingdom of The Mighty Hamsters.

And I’m not even sure that it matters. Do these things ever really matter? I don’t know. What I do know is that Shelley is a Chicago lady with a great imagination, Energizer Bunnyness, true humanity and sharp wit.

If I lived in Chicago, we’d be having coffee at least once a week and talking about stuff. Doesn’t matter what. Because as you will see, from her posts, Shelley is a woman of eclectic tastes.
Say Hello to Ms Shelley Brown…One Of My Favorite Peeps.
But more importantly, she possesses high levels of just about everything that makes a post very worthwhile to read and reflect on. I really wish there were more writers like her here.

Shelley has recently changed jobs, and has has been a bit preoccupied with that, so she hasn’t done much recently, but she’ll be back.

And you know, what? Her next piece will be even better than her last one.

Because Shelley is growing into a world class op/ed blogger. So she will be someone for you to keep an eye on.

The five posts I picked I did at random from her list. But her post, Member of The Tribe, was one that I found particularly endearing. It is one of the most ‘human’ stories I have read in quite some time.

Anyway… for your weekend reading pleasure 5 Easy Pieces from Ms Shelley Brown.

Pawsing on a Sunday Afternoon

Member of The Tribe

Don’t Judge A Person Until You’ve Walked In Their Comfort Shoes

Herd Here. Another Business Trip “Tail”

The Bubble

You can find all of Shelley’s posts at:


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One thought on “Say Hello to Ms Shelley Brown…One Of My Favorite Peeps.

  1. Thanks for writing such a good piece on Shelley Brown. Quite proud to call her one of my peeps also! Shelley writes and gives the reader an experience in thought and processing information. How it looks is much deeper than the surface. She is also witty and humorous and that’s a great attribute in a writer!

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