Mid Week Rant #289. America The Land Of Paradoxes.


Before we came up from the family room we watched a little bit of CNN. We hit it just in time to see Donald Trump give his Super Tuesday victory speech.

For some reason, we watched pretty much the whole damn thing. And I think it was because he didn’t sound like the bat-shoot crazy asshole he usually sounds like. Until of course, he started talking about Hillary Clinton of whom he is deathly afraid.

Trump calls her Crooked Hillary. Then he rambles on and talks about how Bill Clinton was one of the worst presidents of all time, to which my wife asked, “What the hell does that have to do with Hillary?” To which I replied,
“That’s just it. Trump can say whatever he wants and all these people just scream and shout. It has nothing to do with Hillary at all.”

The irony of a severely racist, sexist egomaniac being afraid of a strong woman was not lost on us. Crooked Hillary will likely eat him for breakfast in any debate that they may have during the election run. And frankly all this false bravado and name calling is just Trump’s way of hiding his insecurity.

This whole Republican primary has been pretty much a complete joke.

But there are a ton of Republicans in America who have become so twisted and bent out of shape over what they perceive to be a lack of progress in the Obama administration.

They, of course, somehow, and probably deliberately, forget that what caused this lack of progress in the first place was their Republican congressmen and senators and the leadership of their own party that have spent the last eight years engaging in the worst kind of obstructionist movement in recent US history.

This is hypocrisy on a world class level.

And now along comes Trump, wanting to make America great again. Gag me with a spoon. This dude has one of the longest strings of business failures in American history. He is being sued by dozens of people. He has no intellectual filter, and consequently has alienated millions of blacks, hispanics, muslims, gays and lesbians, handicapped people, doctors and nurses, even the leadership of his own party.

He is banned from Mexico and will not be officially acknowledged as President (if he should get elected) in dozens of countries where Muslim people live in any significant number. He’s given the French another reason to hate America and the Brits are arguing a bill to have him banned from their country.

This would be hilarious if somebody like Aaron Sorkin wrote it into a screenplay. But because it’s the reality of what is going on in the US, it’s just plain fuckin’ sad.

America has been very badly managed over the past eight years. But whose fault is it? Well, you could lay it right at the feet of the American people who didn’t understand that if you elect a Democrat as president, you really ought to give him a congress and senate to work with.

But noooo.

There’s a great line that I heard somewhere. It went…”America will always do the right thing…but only after exhausting every other possibility.”

Well they’re in the middle of exhausting those possibilities right now and up to their eyeballs in shit. A lot of people will say it couldn’t happen to a nicer country. But I don’t think that’s true.

America is basically a paradox. Full of good people and totally fucked up politically.

And truth be told, this has way more to do with the people who actually run things in America than it does with the people get run over by them.

OK that’s enough of that….Jim, signing off from just three miles east of the centre of the Universe here in Toronto.


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