A Love Letter To Donald Trump


On Fridays I like to write about the stuff I have been thinking about that has relatively little to do with the business of marketing. Today I thought I’d write a letter to Donald Trump.

I have become an avid Trump watcher, in the way that people who pass a car wreck on the highway are avid watchers. So here goes.

Dear Mr Trump:

The US election race is something the whole world is watching. And in great part, this is because of you and the 24 hour news cycle that you appear to own.

This race is photographed and discussed and argued about and editorialized to death.

The main sources for this world wide dissemination of news of what really is a local election is being done by the conservative-owned world media and the vast array of networks that make it up, including CNN, Fox, CNBC, ABC and a bunch of others.

This is also known as the Trump Promotion Society.

What all this exposure would have the casual observer believe is that you are making huge headway in your bid to become the next dictator, I mean president, of the United States.

Since you represent a political position that’s a little to the right of Atilla The Hun, the conservative “People Who Really Run Things”, (to whom I have alluded in past posts), are using their media companies to make you ubiquitous on the American and world landscape.

The hope here is to ram enough of you down their throats and into their heads that they will eventually become saturated and see no other possibility other than voting for you in a general election.

The reason they are so adamant about you is that, of all the candidates available, you will lend the most support the extreme right wing agenda of the “People Who Really Run Things”.

And you will do this, because you fancy yourself one of those people. When in fact you are really only a bush league wannabe.

In essence you are pledging for the fraternity that your election to president will hopefully give you entree to.

Well sorry Donald. It’s not that you don’t look the part in your dark $5000 suit. Or even that you are smart enough, because in some ways you probably are.

But the reason the “People Who Really Run Things” will never let you into their club is that they simply cannot have someone so loud, so brassy, so overtly egotistical, racist, sexist, misogynist and hawkish as part of their little club.

You also, at a mere 4-10 billion in net worth, depending on how you calculate it, don’t even come close to qualifying financially.

But they will support you and dangle that carrot in front of you every day.And you will do exactly what they want you to do.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAhKAAAAJDBlZGVhNWIyLTAzNzItNDZlMi1iN2FjLTY2OTU1NzkyMzFjYg.pngScrew the people. Screw the repatriation of jobs. Screw the rebuilding of America. You will add another 10 trillion to the debt by going to war with the very terrorist organizations the US has been creating at the behest of the “People Who Really Run Things” for the past 75 years.

And they will take a huge part of that for themselves.

You will let Wall Street run wild and when another recession hits, they will sell short and make a huge profit off that.

The list goes on. It’s all prepared…they will send it to you if you should be lucky enough to get elected.

Sorry Donald, you’re just a pawn in their game.

And despite all the free publicity the “People Who Really Run Things” are giving you…and despite all the lofty abstract promises you are making…and despite the fact that you have ripped your own party to pieces… and despite the fact that you have brought racial hatred and intolerance to new levels of awareness in America…or maybe it’s because of all those things, the majority of people would never want to see you anywhere near the White House.

During the election campaign this summer, people will be reminded over and over and over again of all the stupid shit you said in the primaries. And they will be reminded of this by people who are very good at this sort of thing.

These people will ask you questions you can’t answer about important issues of which you know almost nothing. And the vague bullshit responses you come up with just won’t cut it.

In short, Donald, despite all the media hype you can count on from the  “People Who Really Run Things”, you won’t be able to hide from the reality of what’s coming.

I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming election. Honestly dude,  you’re going to need it.

Your huge fan, Jim


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