America. Fucked? Not Fucked. Maybe Just A Little Less Fucked Than Everybody Thinks?

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one
If you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’
                                                                                      Bob Dylan

trump-bannerLike just about everybody else with two brain cells to rub together, I was shocked at the results of the US presidential election. I mean who wouldn’t be? The guy they elected is the opposite of everything most people think a president of a powerful country should be.

We were also shocked because a lot of what we had seen from him was the divisive, racist, sexist, narcissist side, which, for some reason, he was not shy about projecting.

We saw a lot of this side of him because that was pretty much all the media was interested in was in the creation of a persona that was the polar opposite of the persona the media created for Hillary Clinton.

And of course, to make the story even more interesting, the right wing asshole community lined up behind Trump and the creative community lined up behind Hillary.
But what was forgotten in all this posturing, to a great extent, was the actual people of the United States. The ones who had to cast the votes. The ones whose voices were never heard.

The true oddity here was that it was Trump who managed to reach out to the people the most effectively. It’s odd because he is nothing at all like the people who showed up at his rallies or who followed him religiously throughout the campaign.

These are the people who saw through the bluster and the exaggeration he was using, and skillfully so to A) Get people to actually listen and acknowledge these issues and B) effectively reposition everybody who he saw as competition.

Two Trumps For The Price Of One

Trump risked a lot by all the bullying he did. He painted himself as a racist, a sexist and all kinds of other things. He made the people who opposed him hate him. But he also made the people who loved him, worship him.

This is a hell of a thing no matter how you slice it, and it doesn’t matter where you sit politically, what we have seen here, as repugnant and disgusting as it seemed at times, was some pretty fucking slick campaigning.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

I’m still not convinced that this was the right road for America to travel down at this point in history. But as my FB friend Jake Volt pointed out the other day “Nobody knows nothing. All we can do is watch and see.”

So I am watching and watching closely. Because what happens in America reverberates and guess who will be the first to feel it, said the guy in the mildly vibrating igloo.

And so should we all. Because the world becomes more and more tightly interconnected every day. Thanks to things like the way I am reaching you now.

Back To The Questions?

IMO  America is not fucked. If you believe all the economic indicators, its doing pretty well, all things considered. And every day you see Trump becoming slightly more conservative as he starts to realize the number of balls he will have to juggle.

How his ego will allow him to handle the idea that he has to play nice with a lot of people to get the things he wants is yet to be seen. How many Republicans in the congress and senate will be willing to support any draconian crap he proposes is yet to be seen.  How he is accepted by the world community (ex Russia of course), is yet to be seen. And most importantly how he can keep his core of supporters happy despite the fact that many of them will see him as becoming more conservative is also yet to be seen.

DSC07650America Has Decided That A Big Change Is Needed.

There is a whole lot riding on Trump’s shoulders these days. And despite his character flaws, which are the things that could eventually bite him in the ass if he lets them get out of control, he is a professional CEO. And as such, I believe he understands that his record and his legacy will only be as solid at the people he appoints to the board of directors of America Inc.

So Where Do I Net Out?

Probably at “A Little Less Fucked Than Everybody Thinks”. I’m not sure that the system, as much as he wants to change it, will allow him to do anything really stupid.

In fact, I think that he will want to play his long suit first and concentrate on trade deals, keeping and generating jobs in America and improving the economy.

I also believe that when he starts looking long and hard at the immigration picture he will start to understand the reality that immigrants contribute far more to societies than they take from them.

The Never Ending Story

I have personally learned a lot about the culture of free societies from this election.

I have learned that the will of the people is still the most powerful force in society.

I have learned that there are more tha    n just two sides to every story

I have learned not to rush to judgement until I am satisfied that I have enough information to make a sound judgement.

And to me, personally the most most important lesson of all is that if you really want to understand something, you can no longer rely on the news media to provide you with anything in the way of unbiased information.

Their only agendas are controlling the message and advertising dollars. With very few exceptions they are all whores who support the agendas of their owners because they want to be famous and make lots of money.

I Don’t Like Donald Trump…But…

My personal feelings are irrelevant. It would appear that the great American Cultural Experiment has entered a strange new phase.

If it brings about the destruction of the world. Well, I’ve had a good run and I hope you have too.

But it it doesn’t, it will certainly make for some very very interesting observations and learning going forward.

PS This is the best rant I have seen on the the election so far. It’s worth watching, if only for the fact that it’s damn entertaining.


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